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Show them off! Your big, sexy, bulging ... game collections!


I used to keep my teas and cups with board games as well. Very handy! They had to be moved though, because my board games collection just can’t stop growing.


Good lord @Anita, I just want to hug you.

Where else would someone keep their games? That makes so much more sense than what I do, “my floor at the end of my bed and possibly my backpack, closet, in front of my closet, and random bookshelves, and some dresser drawers.”

It’s civilized! It makes sense (pull out a game and make tea!)

I’m simply a wreck with boxes everywhere.


One trip to IKEA and three Kallax shelving units will put any gaming collection in order. It’s like the shelves were meant for board games.


All of my shelves are already full of books (and toys and movies and maybe a few stuffed animals and old electronics)


Do you have any space for more shelves? When my board game collection was getting out of hand and taking up most of the house, I opted for the very simple option of moving house…


Prescient chat here. Currently two tea games on the bgg hotness.


I don’t even have space for more shelves :sob:

I’ve already removed paintings from the walls to make room for shelves. Sometimes I think I’d be better off living in a storage unit.


OK, so an alternative to moving to a new house… Just build a second house on the same plot of land that is for board games, snacks, and nothing else.


Just three Kallax units?

(That photo is a bit out of date: it misses out the two rows along the top and the 2x2 unit in the lounge)


Well your mileage may vary… I can fit my game collection into three shelves in a Kallax unit.


Oooh, you have At The Gates of Loyang, an Uwe that’s missing from my collection. That’s mighty impressive!


Not really my game collection, but part of it: my Essen loot.


I do love At the Gates of Loyang. I had played a friend’s copy back in 2010 and had really wanted to give it another bash (the friend had moved away). Finally got hold of a copy in 2016 because it seemed to vanished off the shelves and I wanted to make sure I got it.

Great game! (and great designer, I love Uwe)


At least Reykholt will be out soon which is Uwe’s re-imagining of Loyang.


I’m hoping my FLGS have brought it back from Essen for me.


Dice Hospital! I’m waiting for my kickstarter copy.


It’s very nice. :slight_smile:

(Not opened the extra shinies box yet, but the base game has a vacuum-formed inlay that works remarkably well.)


This is most of our collection, along with the table we built a while back.

I’m only holding on to that old Risk game because it’s just that. It’s a 1963 edition, wooden pieces, identical to the one I learned on.

Top shelf there are some card boxes. Those are for cards that won’t fit in the game box when sleeved.


You built that table yourselves? Nice!


Thanks! I’ll pass that on.

Roughly my design, with a lot input from my engineer wife (for what was actually practical). She did the building. We based it on a 3x3 play mat, the biggest we could reasonably fit in our house. Those cup holders fold up out of the way when not in use. We have them on three sides.