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Show them off! Your big, sexy, bulging ... game collections!


I remember playing several games, back in the day when the only good other games were Magic Realm and Dune . . .

Oh, and my 1977 Eon Cosmic Encounter! Complete with risk armies cos the originals were lost along with the cones, and lovely B&W printed . . . everything!


Consider me impressed! I could only fit that into our apartment by knocking down a few walls.
Probably not worth it, if it means the house coming down.


Okay! This is it! My game collection (minus same edition duplicates and a few childhood games I keep for sentimental reasons) is out. The TV isn’t in place yet, but will be soon. My poker chips are taking advantage and resting here temporarily. I’ve never had everything in one place before! I really like it!!!:grinning:


I really want a poker chip case or two like that to store my Dominion-as-chips (2,000 chips). Unfortunately they don’t seem to be sold outside the US, and shipping is insane.

EDIT: Ooh, I just found a 1,000 piece aluminium case for $30-ish + $25 shipping. That’s new. Maybe time for an order from the US…


Wait, what’s that? :hushed: :exploding_head:


Wrong thread for it, but https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1243956/chip-dominion-build-process-perfect-set

In short, Dominion on two-thousand-some-hundred wooden chips.


See this is the problem with my collection, all the bloomin’ boxes are different sizes!
I envy people’s collections where it’s all so nice and uniform.


I wish there were standard box sizes that all game manufacturers signed up to and designed around. It would make life so much easier and make collections look much better organised.


I didn’t think that your game collection would impress me more than your watch collection, but it’s great. I mean, I know you’re a wargamer and I see some Avalon Hill-type games, but you had me at OGRE. Good lord I want that big, beautiful box.

(Also the Star Wars games. If you never have any kids (that you know about) please write me into your will. I won’t do anything to hasten your death, but I will take the chance of waiting it out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I need a new shelf…

We moved house last weekend to a new place that I own (well, the bank technically owns). One of my older shelves was getting a bit worse for wear and wouldn’t match the new house so it didn’t come with us. Unfortunately all these little babies have to sit on the floor in the mean time. Thinking I will get some custom shelving built in here to match the bench top’s wood stain.

I did keep my other shelf which temporarily still housing some of the larger games but this will also be retired for something that matches my decor. It’s a shame that the “wood” colour that Kallax shelves come in is all wrong for my place.

P.S. I always have a need to mention that the myriad of monopolies are not mine. My fiancé (and my brother :persevere:) both collect them… and the real estate agent gave us a custom one of our city (Ballarat, VIC for those of you playing at home) which is a nice gesture just please… no more copies of monopoly.


I know what someone’s getting for Christmas!!




Seriously though, I have NOT included my X-WING stuff in the collection because I never play it, and my collection takes up way too much space. I have more shelves though, maybe I will set out my squadrons for display at some point. :wink:


I’m just not honestly very impressed with watches :stuck_out_tongue:


My collection crammed into a traditional Kallax. The red shoe box below Codenames is a hand-made copy of Catan that my wife made years back, and vintage Scrabble (minus all Ks in two sets of letters!) is below Avalon.

The random stack of cards are for Hearts, Hand & Foot, Blind Don, Machiavelli, etc, though there is a Pairs deck (canabalized from other decks), a Decktet (because Magnate), and half a Five Corwns deck that functions for Parade and Lost Cities. Oh, and print-and-play Kolejka lives in my work bag.

Oh yes, tea.


What!? No run down?


Well it’s mostly a hodgepodge of Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings (both OK), with some Stash, Tazo, and Twinnings (all better). Then there are some oddities that came as holiday gifts, but the far back row holds the specialty loose leaf teas from Puerto Rico, Australia, China, and New Zealand, courtesy of previous, more international job. Not pictured is a subscription box of tea from Sips By, which arrived recently, and some grab bags that fill out as boxes get low and replaced.

Our (my wife’s and my) tea collection now exists under a “one out, one in” system to keep us from going overboard, but that rule is more of a guideline, than an actual rule… =D


Ah man. This is a slippery slope. I’ve already looked up tea in New Zealand and sips by. I’m this close to a tea party themed games night with thoughtful game/tea pairings.


I wonder if there are any games out there regarding tea trade? Something relaxed and thoughtful, to go with a cup of tea…


I must admit, tea leaves much to be desired as board games. The rules always feel watered down, the strategy is thin, and ultimately I am left unsatisfied, if not outright disgusted.


Fields of Arle has a “Tea and Trade” expansion.