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Show them off! Your big, sexy, bulging ... game collections!


Yeah, that phase in the 90s where things were randomly misprinted with a P instead of a D were annoying.


Ah, Fuzzy Felt. The most disappointing toy of my childhood. Nothing stuck properly and you couldn’t make anything good …


Have you done everything for a living? Toys! Cigars! What next? :smiley:

I’ve had four jobs in 47 years! And only two careers…


@MinuteWalt has done everything! Though to hear him tell it, the worst jobs were elephant pen janitor and shark suit tester. There was also a very painful genetics experiment, but on the bright side, it regrew the hand he lost while testing the shark suits.


It’s a great little simple craft, we sold tons of that, and I’ve personally had a lot of fun with them and kids as a group project!

Dishwasher/cook/chef, photography lab assistant, tobacconist, bookseller, call-center operator/manager, admin assist, lawn and landscaping professional, optician, toy seller, copy and printing professional, franchisee tech support, I think I may have missed one or two. A few of those jobs were 2-to-6 years, and I’m only 45 (my first job was at 14). My main thing is tech and customer service, and I have a lot of other hobbies.

I get bored once I think I have a handle on something. They ultimately promote me to management and I don’t want to do it anymore.

No, those were actually very interesting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I did have a job doing cold-calling for a fake “fireman’s charity” back in college that lasted for one day (with my future ex-wife. They canned me but wanted her to stay on because they were dirty old men. The whole thing was so shady we both had no problem taking our day’s pay and never looking back).

Also back then, I was an overnight stock boy in a 24-hour grocery that I quit after a week. Two co-workers were friends, but the rest were horrible, and being the young rebellious punk that I was, I stole a package of Klondike bars on my way out. My two buddies also quit in solidarity (I don’t remember if they grabbed anything, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t leave empty handed. Unlike the rest of the crew, though, I never took anything before I’d had enough from my verbally abusive boss and quit).

ANYWAY! Let’s get this back on track, shall we?!?!? Big bulging game collections!!!


As you wish!

Let’s start with the big one:

On top of that we find my shrine of empty and/or completed and/or obsolete game boxes:

And down here we find the Munchkin corner of shame:

Slightly to the left we have the shelves of ‘oh my god where shall I put all my stuff’:

And mountedo on my wall are my completed Pandemic Legacy boards:

Including a nice flag to drape over it as a real life spoiler-tool for when my friends come over who haven’t yet completed season 2.


Love the Pandemic Legacy board displays. Something similar is on my To Do list.

I think it might be obligatory for me to say “Lego!!”


I sort of wished with seasons 1 and 2 the stories or locations linked a bit more so I could make a proper narratively consistent tapestry type thing (theoretically speaking)


Making these was so much fun. You get to emphathise the important parts of your journey.

To be fair - your Lego display made me buy that Tie Fighter. :smiley:
And that lead to me owning two Han Solos from different time periods. So the Tardis kinda had to be there, too. :no_mouth:


We do have a Lego place here (I’m lookin’ at you @brattyjedi!) that’s been pretty cool. I especially like the London model, the mini-sets are a lot more intricate than most people think. I am very envious of the Falcon.

That being said, you have Imperium out the wazoo (so to speak), and the Legacy stuff: I am jealous.

It’s a little hard to make out the D&D game, is that Betrayal at Bauldur’s Gate?


Not far enough down…



Don’t worry, it’s ‘just’ the Episode VII Falcon, not the classic one. :smiley:

Thats the first one (I think): https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/6366/dungeons-dragons-fantasy-adventure-board-game

I treat Munchkin like I treat my Ex-Girlfriends. I’m not that into it anymore, but we had some pretty good times and for that I’m grateful. And if I have to play with it again It’ll probably ruin my mood.


Like HeroQuest, that’s a game that’s not easy to get and was a lot of fun to play.

I gotta say, you have some great stuff on your shelves.


I did not realize, that it’s hard to get. We had a ton of fun with it when we were younger, although I don’t think I would enjoy it as much nowadays. I’ve grown spoiled.


Munchkins was my first “real” board game, so I’m grateful for that


That’s how I feel about Clue (Cluedo).

And there’s f—ing Monopoly.


I still think Clue(do) is a great distillation of a deductive reasoning game. Sure, the roll-and-move can trip you up a bit at the start but once everyone starts flying around the board you can get as much out of other people’s questions as your own.


I have a great affection for Clue(do), I still have a bit of a crush. She might be an ex, but an ex you may hook up again with if you’re single, to drag @Eule’s analogy way farther than it needed to be, I’m sorry, I’ll stop now. (Years ago I had a similar one about music genres, I guess that’s why @Eule’s words struck me).

Roll-and-move was one of the biggest problems of the era, it was practically like all the game-designers then had a heroin addiction, only they were addicted to roll-and-move mechanics. Clue stood out, though, with having some deeper play that a even a kid could figure out.

Not to mention the movie Clue!


And the television panel show series which is a great example of proper cheesy hammed up acting fun.


Looking at your Season 2 map, I get the impression that one of us misunderstood sealanes :confused:

We definitely misinterpreted the sea-lane rule, for some reason we thought you weren’t allowed to cross the red lines.