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Show them off! Your big, sexy, bulging ... game collections!


as is your duty and everyone else’s here too. :wink:


Your Scythe Legnedary box on top of Notre Dame is giving me anxiety! IT’S GONNA FALL! :wink:


It’s not the legendary box, it’s the two expansions sideways! (My T.I.M.E. Stories expansions are stacked behind them) It does look precarious in the photo, but it’s just an optical illusion; they are stacked slightly to the left and the games on the right are also slanting slightly to the right. It’s an illusion! (GOB voice) :dove: :rabbit: :tophat:


You are the one who turned me on to those, btw. Thank you again for that.


My eldest moved out a few weeks ago and it came time to dismantle the over-engineered loft bed that we made into over-engineered shelving. Took me from 8.30am to just now.

At least I can get some of my games out of the loft!


Looks solid and functional, @MrJackdaw, much better than the random piles I have at the foot of my bed, next to my door, in a basket, in my backpack, and on various bookshelves.

Worth the effort, that looks like a really good job repurposing that loft, it seems to fit the bigger boxes perfectly.

EDIT: Do I spy Zombie Dice and the Thunderbirds game? I can make out most of the others, except for the one top-left and the one just below King of Tokyo (Tsuro on top? Arkham Horror below?), but you have my eternal respect for Thunderbirds. It looks unopened.

Yet another EDIT: OK that’s actually a bigger picture than I thought, I clicked on it again, and answered my own question.

I didn’t think anyone else had One Deck Dungeon! Even though the pic is super blurry-when blown up, most the games are identifiable even though I can’t read the words on the box (and I have to say that is an excellent collection of games, I have either played or own most of those, or want to). The one thing I can’t tell from the box art is the one that’s just above Pandemic Legacy. It almost looks like a big jigsaw-puzzle box.


I think it might be Inis. (Only posting to see if I’m right :wink:).


That is totally Inis, no question.


Inis, for sure! I’ve not seen the box up-close before, only the contents, but after a quick online search, that’s totally Inis, you two nailed it.


It is Inis! Brought the rest down.

New super blurry photo…

Oh, and @MinuteWalt - I bought Thunderbirds for my wife’s Christmas present. It is still unopened… :neutral_face:


This is the main collection. A glass case with glass shelves, probably originally intended for displaying miniatures or whatever. It came with a light bulb!

The bottom shelf holds my Dominion-as-wooden-poker-chips project, my Bloodbowl-as-wooden-cubes project, Mah-jong, and a Go board.

…and here’s the overflow. Not really worked out what to store here, but the bottom two rows are for our kids, and then there’s Gloomhaven, the box I carry Gloomhaven in, and assorted junk.


Right so my boardgame collection is spread all over the house…well two shelfs in my room and one shelf in the living room.

Of the two shelves in my room the lower most picture depicts the shelf with the games I play most often…and captain sonar cause I really want to play captain sonar.
Then we have the shelf of the family board games, most of them bad but here we do find Carcasone and Ticket to ride.
Also here is a picture of my…wait…

Not again

Signal lost


This guy really likes Mysterium… oh… OH! oh god…


Yeah its a problem, anyone knows a professional Excorsist?


I’m an ordained and licensed minister (when I was injured on bed rest, there was time + internet + a small fee = Reverend Justin Moore) but I think you need more horsepower for an exorcism. I can do other sacraments: weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc., and I do know the words for an exorcism, but you probably want someone with more experience. If you can’t find anyone else, I only charge between $20-to-free for a service, I’ll try to take care of your Cluedos, too, if you like.

That being said, I really like the cute animals pinned up with the photos, that’s adorable. Is that just a felt pad with felt cut outs? We do something similar with Christmas ornaments.


I’m feeling like I need a purge of games.


I’m purging mine. I have a few to get rid of. I also had a video of my collection as a normal size camera and the size of the room meant I couldn’t get it all in one shot. Maybe a panoramic?


I have a certificate from the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. I’m pretty sure it qualifies me to say, “I have a certificate from the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster”.


I do not know what a “Felt pad with felt cut-outs” is… I know the animals are made of some kind of thicker than usual paper, more than that I have no clue. It was what one would receive as a birthday gift from one of the kindergartens I attended. A nice animals with a tiny picture of your face on it.

As for the exorcism I live in Sweden, so travel fees are on you but if you can cover the airplane expenses I will gladly pay 20$ to stop being hit in the head, as well as being rid of a couple of Cluedo boxes


Sorry, I used to sell toys for a living, and a big thing we sold a lot were felt crafts. If you have a felt board, you can cut out anything from felt sheets and they just stick to it like velcro. It fun and much softer and easier to do than cutting things out of velcro, which is a huge pain, let me tell you.

If I can ever make it to Sweden, I will forgo the fee to take whatever games you don’t want back home with me. Err…to be exorcised.

@mutechair I also have a certificate from The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! I’m officially a Pastafarian. You could say I’m non-denominational. I also have a little business card that declares me to be a Pope! (It says, “You are a Pope!” I’m a dad, and “pope” means “father,” really you can’t argue with that.)