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Show them off! Your big, sexy, bulging ... game collections!


Nicely done. My partner has “encouraged” me to restrict myself to two shelves of games. Actually, I appreciate the restriction. It has forced me to focus on purchasing games I really enjoy. Given I have weekly board gaming sessions (excluding conventions), it means I will play the 18 games in my collection on average 2.9 times per year. This does not account for playing games brought along by the other people in my board gaming group. However, we usually play two games a session.

What do other people think is a good annual replay ratio for the games in their collection?


I have a shelf now of games I intend to sell. A few there that I havent played at all, and cant see them getting a play more than once a year. Which doesnt seem worth it. Some just look like a pain to learn, and again, if they only get played once a year and we have to spend time just re-learning - not worth it.

I havent put my sell list up anywhere yet. Still deciding on a couple of titles…


Yes, I have got to sell Sky Traders. I put it up for sale at a local convention, but got no offers at a $20 minimum bid.


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Been lurking a little while now and thought what better way to introduce oneself to a forum than sharing a picture of my beloved if not massive board game collection.

Out of sight upstairs are board games from the times in my youth when i saw graduating from Monopoly to Risk as reaching the nadir of the hobby (Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo, Subbuteo etc)

Also tucked away on the bottom shelf is my spent copy of Pandemic Legacy season 1 (pretty useless now but cant bring myself to pack it away) along with binders of old CCG cards from way back when (SWCCG anyone??)

I have tried to keep a good variety of types of games within my collection, and think i have done a pretty good job so far. What i am really missing out on is a gaming group more inclined to hidden role type games, would love to pick up The Resistance/The coup/Werewolf etc but honestly do not think they would ever get played.

Only games i do not particularly like are Zombies!!!, CAH and Boss Monster and these will be the first to go when space is needed. I know it is not a popular opinion but i enjoy Munchkin enough to keep it in the collection although i agree with most peoples reasons for not liking it (imbalanced, lack of skill etc) i still enjoy it for a bit of silly fun before knuckling down for a heavier game.

And Fluxx is crap but i play it with my daughter who is 5 so that is fine by me!


What a great game collection. I love Dominion, Carcassonne and King of Tokyo. Istanbul, Roll For the Galaxy and Dead of Winter are on my must play soon list.


I’m posting this mostly for posterity since it’s the first time in about 6 months that the room’s been organized enough to take a proper picture, but here’s a picture of my efforts to stretch the capacity of a restricted number of IKEA shelves to their absolute limit.


There’s another shelf just to the left that has all the smaller games on, but I can’t get a picture of it without taking out a doorway.


Did some cleaning to make some space and finally put my games in a more presentable area. My blossoming collection or was that wall of shame. imageimage


Those are some nice looking shelves!


I got some step shelves the other day to give my small box games room to shine. So here’s my current collection!


Antique typwwriter! Display shelf! Giant Pigeon Because Reasons!

What’s not to <3


I know you didn’t ask however…

The antique typewriter is my grandparents old Remington 12. I’m not 100% but I think it’s been in the family nearly 100 years. When my grandmother passed away a few years back we found it in the attic, it must have been there for a long time. I was about to travel the world so I couldn’t keep it but my oldest sister did. Now a few years later it’s thankfully in my house. I’d love to have it fully restored (I actually know someone who does this as a living) so perhaps it will happen at some point. In the meantime it sits there in all it’s faded glory, a relic of a bygone era. I like to imagine the click clack ping of the sentences it’s typed and it makes me wonder all the words it’s written in it’s life. I’d love to have it type a few more but it’s pretty rusty and jammed up.

I’ve wanted to try out having a display shelf for quite some time but I upgraded to my Kallax shelves at a point when that already wasn’t possible. This is the first time I’ve ever had ample storage to give it a go. I have an idea in my mind that I’ll rotate the games featured at the top so I get to enjoy their artwork. It looks pretty smart too. It also reminded me that despite interviewing artists I don’t own most of the games I’d like to when it comes to box art. I probably never will. Money and space are such a bore.

The pigeon is made by a local artist called Donya Coward, she creates them out of textiles and they are a thing of beauty. My partner is also an artist and a lot of them swap things. A necklace for a painting, a headscarf for a pigeon. Which is rather lovely I think. Which is how I came to have a pigeon on my games shelf.

I’m not really one for attaching a lot of meaning to possessions, I’ve had to reduce my belongings to a backpack too many times over the last few years but it’s nice to have some objects with a history around.


I just binged this topic from the posts back in December, and clicked on “like” for everyone. Seriously, this is like game pr0n.


Oh god, it’s happened. I’ve come to the full capacity of my 4x4 kallax (excusing three squares which are used for decor). Got 9 KSs (what have I become?!?!) due in the next 6 months, so time to calm down the purchases and start a cull list. There are a few games I think I just want to play a few times then get rid (Captain Sonar and London Dread, your days are numbered), so it shouldn’t be too hard hopefully.


Found a 2x4 Kallax shelf at Goodwill with two of the 3-drawer inserts installed for $15. It is a bit scratched up on one side but otherwise appears to be in really good condition. Can’t wait to get my place organized enough to use it!


Here’s my collection, as of a month or two ago. That leathery looking box on top is where I keep my Arkham Horror cards, and the gun cases in back against the wall have decades-old warhammer 40k models.

The shelves are 4 2x4 Kallax units. When we were buying shelves, the local Ikea didn’t have any of the 4x4 ones.



Sadly my collection has been deported to the closet since i had a child.
Been focusing on shorter games for the collection


I’ve got some serious shelf envy here.


I moved in with my boyfriend a few months back. We met at a local game group, so it shouldn’t be surprising that we quickly set about turning the small spare room into a cozy game room. He had some shelves in his living room he wasn’t really using, so all my books and a new TV ended up on there and my old book shelves and TV stand became our hodge podge of shelves for our merged collection. There’s still some decor work to be done, but we’re getting there.

The shadow box up top will hopefully some day hold our Pandemic Legacy Season 1 end board and pieces. (EDIT: Click for full shelf. Not sure why this pic is cutting off like it is.)

The drawing on top here was done by the boyfriend when he was in high school. We’ll probably move it to a wall space soon and put another one or two of my Star Wars Lego sets up there.

SHUX last year was our first big trip together so of course the poster had to be on our game room wall.
The top of the little unit with the tiered racks will eventually be for showing off some of the boyfriend’s painted minis.
The first shelf on the little unit is our Arkham Horror LCG set in the binders and bins then much of Gloomhaven in an organizer that never gets put back in the box.
The bottom shelf and the gap between the shelves has some of my supplies for building foam core inserts, which I’ve done for quite a few of our games.

Last shelving unit not visible in the whole room pic, holds most of the bigger and unusual size boxes. The mask for the Ghost in Mysterium is usually turned more to look out the door to the right and has spooked more than one visitor coming down the hallway. The grey bag holds my Marvel Legendary collection, the bin below is far too much Munchkin, and the empty bins below that are used for transporting games to our monthly group meetup or friends’ houses. We only sorta like Munchkin as a game but I somehow still love collecting different sets of it.

Building Kits: Lego, models, 3dPuzzles, etc

Awesome Tantive IV Corvette LEGO set!


Thanks. As you can probably tell from all the pictures, I’m a huge Star Wars geek and a huge Lego geek so I have quite a few of the Star Wars Lego sets.