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Show them off! Your big, sexy, bulging ... game collections!


I have ordered Flamme Rouge and the expansion. You can play with six players using the expansion. Spartacus with first expansion is also an option, if you like this type of game.


I was in the same boat with the high player count non party games, but my group also has one person who doesn’t like hidden role games. This has added so much difficulty to finding games that fit. I ordered Samurai Spirit hoping the 7 player co-op might work well.


Funny, I just added Samurai Spirit to my wishlist yesterday!


One thing I try to do with each purchase is think

  • does this fill a gap in my collection?
  • do I have any other games similar to this and will I play both?
  • didn’t you already buy 10 games this month you absolute moron?



  • Hang on, isn’t this a game that the local game group already plays a lot and I won’t get to play with anyone else?
  • Am I at Essen, in which case all the rules are different?


Yep! The “does this fill a gap in my collection” is really what I was getting at with “When would I play this that I wouldn’t be just as happy playing something else that I already own?”. The difference, to me, is that I can easily convince myself that a “gap” exists in my collection (“I don’t have any six-player card-driven pick-up-and-deliver hidden-traitor games yet!”), and looking at it specifically from the direction of “When would I really want to play this instead of something I already own?” forces me to be honest with myself about what gaps are “real”.


That’s much too reasonable!


I think the same thing. The gap, perceived or otherwise is always re-enforced by the question of will I actually play it. The larger your collection gets I think the more honest you have to be about this sort of thing, unless you are happy just collecting. For me I want each and every board game to be played and loved.
(I don’t).



Here’s an update for my collection. I got the closet shelf, so I did what any reasonable gamer would do and built custom shelves after I ran out of room.


Just got a pair of new bookshelves for my room yesterday, and while it primarily was to provide more room for my book collection to spread, I also decided to move my board game collection to it too:
Think I’m going to try restrict it to those shelves, and institute a “one in, one out” policy, although I do have a little bit of space - there is a bit more room for tetrising a few new things in though - the space above Tsuro of the Seas will probably go to Mistborn: House War, when that finally turns up on my doorstep. I can probably fit another larger game in the shelf of smaller games if I distribute some of those onto the shelf above to fill in the gaps, and I can possibly rearrange the shelves on the left bookcase to have an extra row up the top in-line with the top one of this one.


I got a shelf unit for Xmas (a Fjallbo from IKEA), so my collection has been somewhat tamed. I need to buy another one, and that should fit all my medium/standard/large game boxes. Leaving another hundred small boxed games, maybe I’ll see something at IKEA for those too.



Final pic! Fully organised!



As much as I dislike the idea of storing board games on their sides, having seen the pile that was your storage solution before, those shelves make me feel sooo much better. Those precarious stacks had me concerned… D:


Ah, it’s like those before and after pictures of huge tangles of cables. Very satisfying.



My new, post-Christmas, post-craigslist-Kallax-4x4 collection. Forgive the mail waiting to be shredded in the bottom right corner…


Wait a minute. Weren’t you super on-the-fence about getting Forbidden Stars, since you didn’t think you’d really be able to get it to the table? And now you have two copies!?


Keen eye, and memory. Yes, two copies, in plastic. I ordered them on Amazon when they were down to $55… If I can sell one now that it’s out of print and get back my $110, I’ll keep the other. If I can’t, they both go out the door. Seemed the best way to hedge my bets.


Speculating in boardgame futures . . . :sweat_smile:


You laugh, but if I can get the game for free, I won’t feel bad while it collects dust for a few years. I really want to play it. Between that, Fallout, TI4, and Gloomhaven, I need to step up my gaming consistency.


Oh I totally get it, and may have been tempted to do similar things myself on occasion. It used to happen a lot more back in the day when things went out of print and there was no prospect of them ever being reprinted.

I once bought a copy of “kings and things” for $20 at a second hand stall at a con because I knew it was a rare game, only for a friend to offer me $80 literally as I walked out of the stall.