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Show them off! Your big, sexy, bulging ... game collections!



Added a few games to my collection recently… Figured i’d post it up here.

Picked up a few classics, but unfortunately, my girlfriend’s decided that she doesn’t like suburbia or other euro-y multiplayer solitaire-like games. She’s not much of a gamer, but she liked zombicide and sherlock holmes. so who knows? maybe gloomhaven, starcraft, forbidden stars and mansions of madness could be a hit!


That’s a collection and a half!


Where did you get those shelves/did you make them? They look great!


I live in Australia- Fulham bookcases- bought them from store called Early Settler. Comes in 3 sizes - these are 1.6 m wide by 2 m tall. Got another 2 on order.


Oh and the table you can kind of see in the picture is from a mob called Monty Haul in Melbourne.
8x4 foot built like a tank! You can take top of table off also- great for wargaming as well as board games!


More WIP pics

Now I’ve got to start on the war games room!!


Sweet jebus…


Wait what you have space for separate board games and war games rooms holy crap I need to move to Australia.


Ha- yeah- compared to Europe/UK houses (and land) much bigger and cheaper! Games on the other hand much more expensive!! Pay 30-49% more for Games Workshop stuff than in UK/US :frowning:


Your setup and collection is better than some game shops I’ve seen :wink:






As can be gathered, I am extremely pliant to the SU&SD boys’ suggestions and have generally found that my tastes lie close to theirs.


I used to have a cubby under the stairs…and now I have a nice closet for them. I’d show the closet picture, but the cubby picture is a better representation of my collection. Game cubby


Does your closet also lead through to Narnia by any chance?


Game Closet

Yes, but it’s a tight squeeze.


In Wellington I know Board gamer who has solved his board game storage problem by becoming a librarian. He runs a board game rental library out of his large two car garage. I am a member of the library. It is a great deal, you can two rent games a month for $75 NZ every six months.


Here is my collection. I own all of the games, except for the three games on the left of the second shelf (Letters from Whitechapel, Alhambra and Mysterium). I have rented these for a month from a board game library that I belong to.

The most played game in my collection is The Godfather. It is simple to learn, fun and the theme is a crowd pleaser.

My newest game is Fog of Love. I am currently playing this with my non-Board gaming partner. My partner made the telling comment for some couples, who have a strained relationship, it may not be good idea to play this game.

The two games I would most like to play more are Spartus and Junta. They both require experienced games, who like take that games and are prepared play a single game for 3 to 4 hours.

The game I want to get rid of is Sky Traders. It is an economic version of Merchants and Marauders set in a steam punk world of air ships. It is too complex for what it is and not as much fun as Merchants and Marauders.

The game not my collection, but that soon will be, is Flamme Rouge. It is due to arrive just before Christmas and the expansion is due to arrive in late January.

I am going try and avoid adding to my collection this year, as I now belong to a board game library service that has hundreds of games available for rent. However, I suspect there be will isolated cases of me breaking this new year resolution.



My collection’s current temporary home, as renovations occur:


This is about 80% of my collection, though a lot of the smaller games are crammed into boxes so you can’t really see what all is there. (I also notice that some of my, um, less-interesting games managed to get pretty good positioning in that photo. Honestly I just jammed everything in wherever it would fit! And about 20-25 of my current favourites are on my desk at work for lunchtime entertainment.)



That’s the concept drawing of where my collection will be housed in a couple weeks.


The big pink, unfinished wall there is where that cabinet is going to be installed. We’re getting our basement finished and splurged on a custom-built wall unit. (It’s not quite wall-to-wall because fiscal prudence sets limits on our self-indulgence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.)

Projected completion date for the project is around Dec 27th or so. Can’t wait!


I successfully reduced my acquisition rate this year quite substantially, having decided that “about a hundred” games is really enough for most reasonable purposes. And I’ve tried to ameliorate the purchases I have made by selling games I’m not playing. Attempting the All x 1 challenge has helped both aspects of this: it makes it clear that I have a lot of games, and it draws attention to the games I have that I don’t really enjoy and should probably consider selling.

Mostly I’ve eliminated a lot of purchases by asking “When would I play this that I wouldn’t be just as happy playing something else that I already own?” So I have Concordia and The Castles Of Burgundy and don’t really need any more euros, given my gaming habits. OTOH my tri-weekly games night has grown and I could use more non-“party” games that work with 6 or even 7 players.