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Show them off! Your big, sexy, bulging ... game collections!


I’d really rather stack vertically, but it doesnt work so well without actual shelves

I could probably use a bit more of the room and not stack so high…


Moved in with my partner this weekend. Immediately unboxed my games, built my shelves and put them back up.
I’ll jazz it up a bit over the next few weeks but it’s a fine addition to any lounge (so I told my partner).


So is that a Kallax with doors or is it a custom shelving unit? I ask because the inner struts look far too thin to be a Kallax? I’m relying on Billy (bless him and his smaller cousin, Benno) for mine and the many and varied box sizes vex my OCD tendency.


Its a Kallax with the standard Kallax doors


Thanks! I may have to invest. I’m converting the garage into a “multi-purpose room” which is code for “nerdoir” but also terminology that let me run the designs past the family. It’s going to be one massive row of games, books and other assorted nerdery.


Just be aware that the door units have backs as well, so long boxes don’t fit. All standard square boxes are fine though.


OK, finally it’s my turn.

About 6 months ago I started having some serious renovation work done on my flat and so my board game collection looked a little like this:
So today, finally, I put the last set of shelves up earmarked for games, and now my games have an actual home instead of cluttering up the floor.

Here’s the new shelves, in the spare room, mostly for small boxes:
Then in the living room, we have a little annexe for sets and oversized gubbins:
I shouldn’t forget the box of little tiny card games, mini-expansions, decanted components, games in bags and other little bits and pieces that sits on one of my Kallax shelves:

But for the main event, the bulk of the collection takes pride of place in my living room:
Dead chuffed with how it’s all turned out :smile:


Those boxes snug in the angled corners are beautiful.

As is the asymmetric shelf in the spare room! Very nice. Just a few days ago I informally hired a contractor to finish my basement (handshake email deal, no papers signed yet) and I’m looking forward to getting proper games storage once again.


I liked the initial storage :frowning:

But maybe I’m just a black-and-white kinda guy :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like that you have room for one or two more. Please report back on what happens when your mystical symbol bookcase fills up.


Oh my goodness!

Those game boxes getting smaller as the roof descends makes me so happy.

Thank you for sharing!


From UK Games Expo 2016 (Dicing on the Cake):


Good god, man–you’ve gotta stop this madness and get a plank of wood or two at least!

Have you never heard of “dishing”? Antike II is about to get a hole ripped in its cover by whatever half box is on top of it!!!

… I mean, do it however it works for you (they’re only games, not fine antiques, after all). But judt consider these two sobering words that might change your mind: cardboard avalanche.


Not yet! But one day they will be! I have some fine antiques in my collection.


I’ll be a bit bummed if any of my games sustain any serious damage

Antike is still in shrink…will probably never get played


We recently donated some culls to a local library and they were insanely grateful! Just one more option.


That’s a good idea!


Love Guillotine! Lovely quick and easy game.


Finally getting the games room sorted!


That’s quite the collection you’ve got there! And room to grow.


Nice and big! I wish I had that much room for my games :slight_smile: