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Show them off! Your big, sexy, bulging ... game collections!


They’re looking better than ever with arty things! The spider plant has gone a bit droopy though.


I think board game boxes are ugly. With all the different colours, sizes and fonts, the boxes looked messy and chaotic on the shelf, especially as this is in my dining room right by my dining table (us Brits have small houses).

They were really the focal point in the room/open plan living space, so covering them up made the room look a lot more orderly. If they were in a side room I’d probably have them out on show, but for my main living space I’d rather have clean lines. I’m really surprised how much a small change has made to the look of the room actually.

(PS the cool mask is from a Punchdrunk show - the theatre group Matt described in one of the podcasts)


All this Kallax storaging makes me think of No Time For Games’s latest video.


Can’t argue with that. It now looks more minimalistic and stylish.
If my games were in the living room I probably would do the same/my gf would make me do so.


I have not yet! Someday I’d like to organize a GIPF round robin where folks can move around all the games. Perhaps the final round could be an Ultimate GIPF where everyone cheers on the finalists playing a ridiculous abstract wizard battle that eats the table.

I also got LYNGK not too long ago…the set is complete! They really are the best gateways, in my opinion. I’ve gotten a much better response from folks who are more likely to be familiar with checkers and chess than themed games that are already likely to alienate in some way (“Why are you playing with trains!”)


I just want to make sure I’m following this.

So it’s a movie version (Star Wars) of a game (Risk) based off a movie implementation (Star Wars again) of a game (Queen’s Gambit)?

And this one is three games in just one game instead of three games all in the same game?

I feel this is very close to some sort of infinite loop that could destroy the universe.


So I made a very confusing typo. The Queen’s Gambit was based off of Phantom Menace and had no association with the Risk brand. It was composed of 4 mini-games that could affect each other.

Star Wars: Risk is based off The Queen’s Gambit (and gameplay-wise is almost nothing like Risk), but has The Return of the Jedi as the theme and has only 3 mini-games. So what I meant to write was only 3 mini-games in 1 instead of 4.


That looks pretty smart actually. I should really consider tidying up how my games are displayed. I’m moving house and they will be sitting in the dining room, this might be a better solution, like you say they can look quite messy all together.

Did your shelves come with these doors or did you buy a bunch from Ikea? (I think I’ve seen they sell these online but they’re about £9 a pop)


Yes, I bought these separately. On the catalogue you can order sets, but I don’t think it decreases the price… and it probably just involves giving you a list of all the individual components.

The £9s do all add up, and the boxes at the bottom are £14 or so I think. It’s part of the reason I left some holes (and I think the holes make it look nicer than a solid block anyway). In the end I think it was worth it for what I needed - it’s not like they’ll wear out.

The boxes at the bottom are definitely worthwhile - the compartments are far too low to be functional cupboards. It’s handy to be able to pull out a box and then put it on the table.

They were really easy to fit. They come with spacers to draw where each comes to, and they have backs if you have it as a room divider.



My modest collection



Shelves? We dont need no stinkin shelves!


“Oh, you’ve got the Five Tribes expansion! Why don’t we play that?”
"… Let’s not."


Its not good?


Might have something to do with its location…

EDIT: Hang on, you were being sarcastic weren’t you. Goddammit, and I spent all that time editing the image…


Nope, wasnt being sarcastic, didnt look at my own picture that closely


I was getting ready to make the same joke, just with Ugg-Tect. :wink:


I considered Ugg-Tect, but I couldn’t resist the contrast with the easily accessible expansion :smiley:


ooh, FTW. Like @COMaestro I was gonna make the same joke, but with Tigers and Pots. expansion-at-the-top/game-at-the-bottom wins hands down.


Have you considered the structural integrity of a standard board game box vs the weight of a standard boardgame box when constructing your towers of power?


You have the quantity and space for a literal throne of games. It’s so close.


Still a better storage solution than the shelves I’m using