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Should I play a game I don't want to play if I own it and I've never played it before?

Should I play a game I don’t want to play if I own it and I’ve never played it before?

It’s a challenge I’m sure we’ve all faced. I have too many board games, and I have too many unplayed board games. I am trying to cross as many off this list as possible. I have a game night coming up, and I’m planning for two, possibly more players. I do not want to play Ablaze! I own it, and I want to get rid of it. I also don’t want to play Starship Troopers. I own it and I want to keep it in my collection.

Do I take the easier route and skip these games?
Do I play both? Do I play one but not the other?


Life’s too short to play games that you don’t want to play :smile: It’s supposed to be a hobby, not a chore.


If they’re still in shrinkwrap or are unpunched, don’t play them, just sell them on.

Otherwise, I would play them once then sell them on to make room for games you’d actually play.


I echo both the above. I wouldn’t bother playing a game I don’t want to simply because time is the most precious of currencies.

Sell em on :+1:

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I don’t really understand this question. You have a game you want to get rid of and have never played, so just get rid of it. You have another game that you don’t feel like playing on the upcoming game night, but you want to keep, so keep it. Why out of all your games that you own are you concerned about these two for this one game night? You will have limited time to play a couple of games, so it’s not like you can take your entire collection and play it. You are obviously going to feel like playing some games over others, so does that mean since you don’t feel like playing those other games you should get rid of them too?

Or do you mean you NEVER want to play Starship Troopers? Like, ever, as opposed to this one game night? In which case I would agree with others here and say sell it on.



(this is a sentence)


Maybe their friend requested the game? But if this were me, I’d ask my friend if they’d like a present or buy it off me.


I have at least one or two games I don’t want to play because I just wanted the bits (decks of cards with more than 4 suites and incredible art, super-cool minis, unusual meeples, etc.). I also have games I have never been able to bring to the table, but I don’t care if I never do, I still like them, I can still play solo/both/all sides if I like to suss out how they work (I used to have to do this with chess when I was a kid). So, I may not be the best person to offer advice.

Keep the one you want to keep, unless you really need the room. But sell the other, or give it away to someone. @KIR has a good point, loss aversion and the sunk cost fallacy is a real thing you have to watch out for. It’s ruined both big people and big corporations. (also see escalation of commitment, not the same, but related).

If you give/sell it to someone you know, you may also end up in a position to play “their” game, which can totally change the feel of it (I know it sounds odd, but bringing a game, hosting a game, or being a guest of a game, can each change your perspective and attitude towards engaging in it).


I made an effort to play through all my collection in a year and it didn’t pan out, BUT I did manage to strike out all the games in my collection I hadn’t played.

I’d recommend everyone at least play a game once if it’s in your collection. It forced me to confront whether I am purchasing games because I like them, or because I like buying them.

If I have things in my collection I have no desire to play, why did I even buy it? I think there’s a large portion of gamers who have the collecting bug and that certainly plays into it, but there’s also the nice dopamine spike we get from just purchasing stuff. In an age where consumerism is rampant and encouraged at the expense of… everything, it’s good to question why we are buying our games.

Forcing myself to play my unplayed games made me realize how many I was buying because I liked collecting, or I had the fear of missing out, or I just hadn’t bought one in a while. It made me assess what I actually like in games and be more critical before blindly buying games.


I had this internal debate with Neuroshima Hex 3.0. I picked it up on sale as it was praised as a great two player game, and I love the theme.

I realized after awhile that I’d rather just play one of our minis based skirmish games. I felt bad for awhile, but as others have said, life’s to short, so it’s in the “sell/trade drawer”.

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Dude, get the app at least. Neuroshima Hex is bloody fantastic but it does take time to really get its hooks in.

I still have a few games in my collection that are unplayed (mostly higher player count games like Decrypto), but I don’t have a single unopened box. When I buy a game I rip it open and punch it out the second I get home, so it gets played or I eat a ridiculous loss for no reason. Keeps me from doing exactly what @twispby mentioned: becoming a collector.


I’ll consider it, but I’d probably never play it.

I open all my new games as well, but I don’t punch them until we’re ready to play.

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Learning a game and getting it punched and prepped is one of my favorite parts of buying a new game, so I tend to do that whenever I buy something new. I think the only thing still in shrink wrap right now is Decrypto (though I read the rules online before buying it) and am hoping it can get broken out at some point when we have a number of friends over.


Reading the rules and getting my hands all over it/seeing it laid out is pretty much exactly why I bust it open right away every time. I’ll be honest, my most frequented shop is close by (best one around too, lucky guy) and it’s not uncommon for me to crack a box right on the sales counter for some reading material on the walk home.

Ever wonder what makes us (the rules-n-teach person) tick? I mean, this stuff is a root canal for most other folks, I wonder how our wiring got so screwed up. :wink:


Yeah, I’m the opposite in that regard. I’m always hesitant to start learning a new game, because it often feels like studying. Even games I’m really excited to play, I sometime shave trouble staying focused while I read the rules.

It’s an unfortunate mental block/hang up that I have, but there it is.

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I get that!

Watching how it’s played rule explanations on YouTube is my preferred method now. I think it’s just how I learn, I’m more visual, so a bunch of text just becomes a roadblock to me learning a game sometimes.

And a lot of manuals are hot garbage.


Good Morning everyone,

I hope you all had a good weekend, and as it progressed I read all of your advice. I think I was definitely falling for the sunk cost fallacy, as well as struggling with my own collector mentality. I took the advice to put aside these two games, one will be marked to be moved out of my collection, and Starship Troopers will maintain it’s spot on my shelves. Instead of playing these two games that were in my collection, simply because they were recent purchases that were unplayed i enjoyed a good weekend of gaming with new games I was excited for and a couple of old favorites. I appreciate all of your input.