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Shirt My Feelings: The Official T-Shirt Design Contest!


And another…


These are both wonderful! Maybe Fig. 1 (Std. Ref. Pear) for the shirt front and Fig. 2 (Std. Ref. Bear) for the shirt back? :grinning:




Inspired by this. Was it worth it I don’t know!


I know I’m not a professional but I thought giving you guys your own board games was a great idea to show that you are a boardgaming site! I have a 300DPI photoshop file here on deviant art (you just hit the download link) http://meikahidenori.deviantart.com/art/SU-and-SD-shirt-design-entry-620431003 so you can see how big the design is. I absolutly love what you guys do and think you do a fantastic job!

Also, I hope the fact I live in Australia isn’t an issue :smiley:


Classic mid-shirt turnaround.


Did someone say wizard?

And for any fountain pen geeks out there, that was with a TWSBI stub :slight_smile:


These are quite nice. Especially top right and bottom left, but especially top right.


i esp. like the top left one.:v: :pear:


I wish this were a print so I could hang it up somewhere. :pear::bear:


This T-shirt is easily the most boring here - but I honestly hope this one passes.
It’s a great logo, It doesn’t reference some obscure joke we’ll all forget about next year. It’s a wearable shirt… It’s very good.
It’s not very creative - but it’s a shirt that should be made.




Digging the monochrome. Very nice.


All the letters are there, I swear.


Decided I’d throw my hat into the ring. If nothing else I thought it was funny.


Man not included. Hug from Pip not included either.


That’s awesome I should have thought of that.


Not very original - but I like the sentiment.


Back of the shirt: “Is this where happiness can happen”