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The latest episode of my boardgame and tabletop news show is now out!

We would love to hear what you think about the show and if you like we would really appreciate you sharing it around as we try and grow our listeners.




If you don’t have a “download” link on your podcast - so that I can put it on my audio server and then stream to a variety of other devices - I’m unlikely to listen to it. In this case I was able to view-source and extract the mp3 filename, but I suspect many people wouldn’t bother.


We are available on most podcasting platforms and there is a link to the RSS feed on the main podcast page. We are also on Spotify and YouTube.

You can download the file from our podbean page which is linked at the top of each cast on the website.




I did check podbean; there’s no download option there either. It’s true I didn’t bother with the RSS, since I don’t want to subscribe until I’ve heard an episode and decided whether I enjoyed it. Anyway, it’s your thing - I think you may be losing listeners by making this unnecessarily difficult, but it’s entirely possible I’m wrong.


Hi Roger. It’s not entirely obvious but there is a download link at the bottom of each cast. Honestly I’ve not been asked for a way to download the file seperately before now and I’ll see if I can add that more simply onto our future casts on the site. I think a lot of people just download an individual episode through a podcast app which some apps will allow you to do. Hope this link helps





I designed a T-shirt for Zombology from Eurydice Games

Am doing this for fun more than anything else, suggestion welcome 8)


Works for me, that’s a fun design!

I hope you get a couple of bucks out of it. I’ve been wanting a new hoodie, that’s at the top of my list, now (I have it in my cart).


Thank you for the compliment…have a look around for the other designs… am working on this at the moment for Xmas 8) @MinuteWalt


That would be perfect for US Thanksgiving!


That’s a good point will put it in the shop hopefully next week… so all good, no spelling mistake? am French, so always worry about this sort of think. Thank you for your feedback and encouragement.


You are, technically, missing an article (“Head of the Household”, not “Head of Household”), but that’s a perfectly acceptable stylistic choice in this context.


(Calibration: my native language is en_GB.)

There’s a subtle shading of meaning (though as Marx says either is acceptable) - “Head of Household” is what you might see on a tax form, with a slight sense of formality and officialdom about it; “I am head of the household” is what you might say out loud.

So for a game card, where it’s effectively being someone’s title, I think I’d use it as is without “the”.


This is revision 2 of my Skeletor badge :skull:


Hey guys i’m wondering if you guys can see if the rules for my board game i’m making looks ok.
If you have any questions or concerns please email me at [email protected]

Mission to Mars
2-4 players.

Game Contents:
Disaster cards (Time limit and requirements are shown) [18]
Repair cards (Repair items are shown) [26]
Tokens (Red tokens that are used for salvage, board, and disaster tracking) [37]
Character cards (Small cards with a name and symbol) [5]
Game board [1]
Timer [1]

You and your crew have to survive an asteroid field to get to Mars, use your expertise and repair supplies provided by the A.S.A.N to keep your ship repaired.

Getting Started:
1) Lay out the provided board and timer (any device with a timer can also be used).
2) Shuffle both the repair and disaster cards.
3) The astronaut (player) with the next birthday coming up gets to play first.
4) Every astronaut selects a character indicated with the symbol and name (character
abilities are listed on the back of their name and symbol).
5) Each astronaut draws 3 repair cards from the repair deck (except the soldier).
Repair cards help ensure your survival.

       Playing the Game:

On the board, move a token from the start position down to the first number. The timer should be set to 30 seconds for every round.
According to the number, flip the same amount (number) of disaster cards that are on the board at the start of every round. Disaster cards have a time limit that if not reached will cause you to lose the game. Use the provided tokens to track disaster progress (example: if a disaster has a time limit of three rounds, stack three tokens on the disaster card). Do this for every disaster that gets played.
Communicate with your crew. Once the timer starts, show and tell everyone what you can place down to help fix the disaster. You can not talk during rounds but you can not talk after a round ends.
The crew has to use only one repair card (unless you are the engineer) every round to fix a disaster card (the fixed requirements are on the card). Each astronaut gets to choose what repair card to play onto what disaster. Once you place down a repair card, you can not change its position. If you can’t help fix the disaster, then you have the option to either discard a card to the discard pile, or keep your current hand. You can use salvage to delay a disaster progress (refer to salvage).
After each round move the token on the board to the next disaster and flip the specific amount of disaster cards. Draw a repair card once the new round begins, if you have less than your starting hand.
The crew must reach the safe zone, without failing the required amount of disasters (refer to how to win) in order to accomplish their mission and win the game.

Salvage: After a disaster is repaired, only one token from the repaired disaster is set aside on the board. Use the salvage section on the board to keep track of salvage. The crew is allowed a maximum of ten salvage tokens. The remaining tokens from the repaired disaster gets put into a discard pile. The crew can use some or all of their collected salvage to increase the time limit on any disaster before a new round begins.

Example of a turn:

Astronauts can use their character ability along with one of the following actions such as:
a) Playing a repair card on a disaster (requirements must be met).
b) Discard a repair card and draw a new one.
c) Use salvage.
The round ends once everyone was able to complete an action or when the timer hits zero.

Disaster cards (Time limit and requirements are shown)
Repair Cards (Repair items are shown)

How to Win:
2 astronauts=Crew must reach the safe zone and they can not fail 3 disasters. All disaster card time limits are multiplied by two.
3 astronauts=Crew must reach the safe zone and they can not fail 2 disasters. All disaster card time limits are increased by one.
4 astronauts=Crew must reach the safe zone and they can not fail 1 disasters. No change to the time limit on disaster cards.


Yes I pondered on this one too but when looking at the card I though without the THE it’s seems more like a job title. I tried with the THE but as @RogerBW I think I will keep without


If you have downloaded the iOS 12 update you can now download this file and have a giant meeple at your disposal, enjoy!



If you are not at SHUX and you are in Toronto go try my daughter’s deck-builder. She and her co-workers are demonstrating it this afternoon at the Black Canary Cafe in Silver Snail Comics.


Just wanted to let people know that the lovely guys at the White Noise podcast featured another one of my short stories this week.

I’ll stop linking them in the future because, to be honest, I intend to write a whole bunch for 'em, but the novelty still hasn’t worn off for me. Anyway, it’s the first part of the podcast (about the first 10 minutes):

Additional sidenotes: I’m 38,973 words into my 4th novel (my 2nd novel was rejected by the people I’d really like to be my agents, and they’re currently considering Novel 3). Bit of an uphill with this one, but that’s just part of the process, I think. Either, way, the current plan is to have Novel 2 available on Amazon before the end of the year. Just gotta get it formatted correctly, and buy a cover for it.

That I will link when it goes live. My last novel has sold almost 60 times, which isn’t much, but everyone has got to start somewhere, right? Right.