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Haha thank you! He was heavily inspired by total recall and the final boss in half life 1. Sorry if hes a bit too gross. You should see him in VR when he gets all up in your face lol.

Thank you for the compliments! Means a lot to me


Oh god… I think that would cause me to either physically recoil or attempt to run away… which would of course result in me falling over something :smiley: Probably my cat… she does like to stand right behind me no matter what I’m doing… :man_facepalming:


Agree with @Lamora, that’s some extremely appealing stuff, wow!

(EDIT: also agree with @Lamora about my cat, too! She does the same thing)

@COMaestro, you know you’re banned now, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


I expect nothing less.


Love this, thank you for making it…


Benefit of having access to a 3D printer, custom box inserts!


This is great, my insert to Flamme Rouge is absolutely ruined.


Are the player boards on top?


Yup they sit on top:

@Triangulate my insert was a bit creased when I bought it, yet it still feels a shame to throw it away.


Hi all! I have a podcast I record with my friends all about the monsters in D&D called Creature Club.

We’re going through the 5e Monster Manual alphabetically at the moment.
We’re always looking for feedback and listeners, so check it out! (Please and thank you)


Hey, I put out an album today (for it is my birthday). It’s a bunch of instrumentals, most chill, mostly downtempo.

The band goes by Theme Squad and the album is called You Have the Rest of Your Life. It has a pigeon on the cover and everything. It’s available on the streaming services, or over here at Bandcamp: https://themesquad.bandcamp.com/album/you-have-the-rest-of-your-life

Anyway, give a listen if you’d like. Thanks.


As a matter of course, I “like” (or “heart”, whatever you want to call it) everything that shows up here, but I have to say: this would make a great soundtrack for an adventure game.
In the Orangerie is my second-favorite.

Also, a belated happy birthday!


Thanks! If anyone wants to build an adventure game around it, let’s talk.

Second-favourite songs are the new favourite songs, I’m told. Favourite songs are too showy, too eager for approval. Second-favourite songs are the songs Goldilocks jams to.


Not exactly self promotion, but definitely shameless friend promotion.

Thanks to @MinuteWalt for directing me to the correct place for this kind of thing. My apologies for being slow on the uptake.

An old friend of mine is in the closing stretch of his 4th boardgame Kickstarter.
Incoming Transmission.

It’s a co-operative game where one person is “mission control” sending orders to another person/team of people(the cadet) in order to complete objectives known only to mission control. The twist is that there has been a communications breakdown so the commands are garbled (read: the command cards are shuffled before being passed to the cadet).
The cadet must then decide what order to follow the commands based on the board state.
If the cadet can complete all 3 missions in the alloted number of rounds then everyone wins.

There is a print and play to test out
and it’s a pretty fun, if quick experience.
You can check it out here.


@Spoof I’ve kicked in. Something bout the mechanics and theme just forced me to do it, they are right up my alley.

Don’t forget about The Kickstarter Thread!


Hello everyone,

I would like to announce that I’ve just published EVENT - a story-driven, minimalistic tabletop RPG under Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), thus freely available for download and play.

You can find the download links, together with a 3 minutes presentation video and a review of the game, within this post.

Let me know what you think about it!

If you want to know more about the project, there’s a brief introduction explaining the game concept and key features.

Anyone with some RPG experience knows that the above aspects can play a decisive role for a successful session: complex ruleset, slow mechanics and slow system of resolution of actions and interactions are often cause of frustration, thus resulting in a disappointing gaming experience for gamemaster and players.

To address these issues, I came out with the following:

  • A skinny manual (less than 30 pages);
  • A limited amount of core rules, easy to learn & remember;
  • A distinctive Character creation System, based upon a sharp Questions & Answers mechanics;
  • A strong narrative premise (the Event) that will motivate the players to act as a group, providing their characters a common goal.
  • A brand-new character creation system (the Three Questions) that will allow players and gamemasters to build PCs and NPCs in few minutes using a narrative-based approach.
  • An efficient Actions & Interaction outcome resolution ruleset, featuring a hybrid approach containing a mix of narrative choices, auctions and dice rolls;
  • Innovative contest-resolution mechanics that will force players to choose between winning a contest or narrating its outcome (or try to do both things), similar to those featured in most auction-based Board Games.

The last two points are especially important, as they both empower the players with the chance to partially take control of the story, thus becoming the gamemaster for a short while to conceive and narrate what happens. This “collective management” of the game’s story is definitely the most interesting aspect of the game: such innovative approach is also well highlighted within the manual, starting from the first sentence:

"EVENT is a game system designed to collectively manage the actions and interactions of a variable number of characters played by players and / or the gamemaster from a given event. The combination of these factors will lead to the natural definition of a story within the context of reference, which is called the setting."

In order to play Event you’re going to need: a group of friends, a handful of 6-sided dice, some paper sheets and at least one pencil. As in most RPGs, one of the players, known as the gamemaster, will take care of the core elements of the story, while the others, to whom the manual simply refers as players, will play the role of a single character apiece.

Have a good game!

This is the EVENT presentation & tutorial video, which illustrates some of the most original and innovative aspects of the game system:

P.S.: Thank you @MinuteWalt for pointing me to this topic!


@Darkseal obviously I actually enjoy doing things like that, as odd at that may seem. You seem like a pretty cool person from our messages, I’m happy you found us.

I also encourage everyone to click on the video, the concept is quite promising.


Not sure if it counts but tomorrow I hand my notice in at work and head off to set my own business up as a recruitment consultant specialising in the International Development sector.

Scary stuff.


It would totally count more if you gave your business contact info in case someone here wanted your services!


Latest PCB badge:


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