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I made a video of a bear and Sloth playing century spice road. It’s pure amateur hour :slight_smile:



@mistercrayon I’m just going to copy-paste what I said on YouTube, because that video was absolutely ridiculous and I thought it was awesome, it made me giggle.

"You are a great big silly person, you’re a full grown adult doing this. I cannot approve more. I got your back, keep doing it."

I’m going to (seemingly) aggressively say the following:
I don’t have a problem with stuffed animals!!!

(I really like stuffed animals. I literally, actually, don’t have a problem with them, which may seem contrary to my (seemingly) aggressive post above. That was written in jest, and I tend to overdo things like this, and then go on and on about it. I should stop now. In fact, I will stop now.)

(EDIT, some final thoughts: It was a super-weird video. Like, very, very weird. That just made me like it more.)


I’ve gone and made a big old video about dice and why they are they shapes they are for meeple mountain. I don’t mean this as a way to try to get cross traffic, I just worked really hard on the video and think it’s really great and wanted to share!


Copy-pasting what I wrote on YouTube:

“Came here from the Shut Up & Sit Down forums. Liked and subscribed!
(I also have a minor obsession with platonic solids, it’s not just you, man)”


My DnD character quilt has finally taken shape! Six characters represented through 120 squares. There’s a little stitching that is left to do but it is a thing you can finally hold.


thanks! I hope to keep the series going, hopefully not each one taking the 2-3 months thus one did haha


I’ve begun releasing music recently. Here and here are the music have thus far. It’s folk-ish, punk-ish, things.



I’ve been itching to link magic and board games together in a thing for ages.


I’ve mentioned it before but forgive me for bringing it up again as the website where I interview board game artists - More Games Please just turned one today.
1 year ago is when I bought the domain and started contacting artists. I was promising them I’d have a site at some point, if they just answered my questions and sent me images. Unbelievably they did.

I’ve now got 40 interviews on there with people like:
Kyle Ferrin (Root)
Victoria Ying (Bargain Quest)
Ryan Goldsberry (Burgle Bros)
Jacqui Davis (Ex Libris)
Chris Quilliams (Azul)
Elise Plessis (Onirim)

I try and talk to a mixture of brand new artists to the industry as well as the more established names and I’ve been trying over time to improve every aspect of it. It’s my little extravagance, both in personal time and money. If you enjoy what the artists of the industry do, then go have a look and more importantly send them a little message on twitter or somewhere letting them know how much you appreciate their work. They love that sort of thing.


I’ve always enjoyed your stuff, my epically bearded friend. I don’t think forgiveness is needed.


Growing a proper beard is probably my proudest achievement.
Which probably says all you need to know about me as a person.


I’m creating an online course with an old friend of mine to teach the Godot Game Engine. It’s a lovely, open source, light weight and versatile engine. We even have a Kickstarter Campaign running!

(This off the back of the boardgame design course I recorded last year after falling in love with game design thanks to the great work of the People of the Pear.)


I’ve recently started a new project called Games For All where I help people explore identity and build key life skills through play. I’m setting it up to be a charity where I will help churches, schools and community groups set up gaming clubs either by providing them with a starter set of games or going and running game nights for them.

So far I run a few groups, one for the church I currently work at, a couple of schools have me scheduled to start after school clubs for them from September, a children’s centre has me running parent and child game sessions in the holidays and a couple of other churches have sessions I attend to help them out.

I have also started a blog - www.gamesforall.net I look at games and mechanics- video, board, roleplaying, wargaming etc. - give a brief run down of what they are and how they work, any parental warnings that may be associated with them (microtransactions predominantly), some questions you can use to explore how your brain processes things and the type of person you are, a link to the Bible and then some suggested games.


I may have ordered too many of these:

My robot army will be up for sale shortly @ Tindie.


I did another thing, this time writing about how playing fog of love as a queer couple compares to being queer irl


I just started making T-shirts for fun…

Still trying to decide on what’s the best shop to use, so any suggestion welcome

https://society6.com/rollforthewin as more options, like stickers and need bigger files

https://rollforthewin.threadless.com/ smaller files size but better shop front

Or if anyone as a better ideas for self printed T-shirts let me know, am looking at https://teemill.com/ too for UK people for example…

Am on Instagram under @rollforthewin I just started this 2 weeks ago… 8)


Hi all,

I wrote an article for Pride month (every month is Pride month), about how I feel in love with my boyfriend while playing Pandemic: Legacy.


Hello, I was directed here by the friendly @MinuteWalt after initially joining the forums here!

I’m a generalist artist working on VR videogames at an indie level. Currently got an episodic series out that’s set in the 80’s and heavily inspired by stuff like Myst, Goonies and Dark Crystal (with an awesome soundtrack by Jeremy Soule and Stilz). The Gallery ep1 - Call of the Starseed and The Gallery ep2 - Heart of the Emberstone. I don’t have a ton of personal work online yet, what with most of it under NDAs and stuff, but I’m slowly building an artstation page in the meantime.

If you check them out, let me know what you think? Making games is my life, and means the world to me to hear from peeps about it and sharing it all :slight_smile:

oh, and if musings about game development and way too many pictures of my adorable cat sounds interesting, do feel free to follow me on twitter, same name there as on here


Don’t fall for @MinuteWalt’s trickery. He is a vicious man who wields his ban-hammer with impunity, smiting people left and right on a whim.

He doesn’t really ban people. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, you’re work is amazing, fairly certain Kevin is going to haunt my dreams… but amazing job!