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Shameless self promotion - blogs, bands, businesses, and creative projects


Love what you’ve done with the place. (have some social media follows too!)


Thanks :smiley: I had you on Instagram already, but I’ve followed back on Twitter.


Shameless promotion, but not of me this time!

My wife and her awesome friend run a pretty successful Canadian True Crime podcast, and you should definitely check them out here. She’s much funnier than me.


I like the first player selection for the Monster Insurance game. It is likely for the best that you didn’t go with, "The person who has most recently committed Kaiju-related insurance fraud.


Latest 3D-design project: an inlay for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. Too expensive for it to be worth buying it from me, but if you have your own printer it might be affordable; you can find it on thingiverse.


Shamelessly self-promoting a game I designed last year and only this year got around to making the “how to play” video, which was a project in itself!

Luckily my roommate is a hobbiest video/music/everything maker so we had some nice lighting, camera lenses, a copy of final cut, and contributed the original song to the video that you hear as well (basically wii shop meets hotline bling). If you need music for your project he has a soundcloud here, he’s mentioned wanting to work on other projects in the past so drop him a line maybe if you need a music.


In more crocheting for tabletop games, I’ve been working on a thing for a tabletop RPG anniversary!

I’ve asked all the other players for two colors that describe their characters, and I’m making 20 squares of each of those color combinations. Currently 45 squares in. When I’m done with all 120 (for six characters) I want to stitch them together into a quilt presented to the GM.


awww those are lovely. I keep meaning to get back into crochet, I’ve got a bunch of yarn and some unfinished hats around


I haven’t been at it that long, and it is scary how quickly you acquire yarn.

I heartily recommend crochet to anyone as a hobby you can pair with podcasts and one that can create a lot of cool things. It doesn’t do a lot for typical board games, but there are some fun accessories you can make for tabletop rpgs.


Okay so while I actually don’t have anything to do with the production of this literary online magazine, I do know the person behind it AND the current issue up on the site (Issue 2) does contain a short story that I wrote and submitted. So it kind of fits that it’s a self-promotion but also a promotion of a cool website some of you lovely folk might be interested in.

The Literati

In case you are curious the story I wrote is “The Fairy’s Ring”


My Instagram account is coming up to it’s year anniversary and on the verge of 5,000 followers. Come look at pretty board games with me.


After weeks of technical difficulties, debilitating illness, and ridiculous amounts of Canadian snow, we released another episode for our podcast!

After a year of the Switch we talk about our favourite Switch games. If you have a Nintendo Switch it’s especially worth checking out as we’re giving away a $20 Nintendo eShop prize this week!

We’ve also have a brand new website (Nintendummies.com), a Facebook page, and we’re on Twitter! Because apparently that’s something you’re supposed to do!

So check out Nintendummies whenever you get your podcasts! Or don’t! And we’ll eventually stop and just keep playing video games without recording ourselves!


My new game, The Lion & The Unicorn, is now available online. You can find info about it, along with the p&p files (it’s pretty much just 48 cards) here: http://uselessalchemist.co.uk/games/the-lion-the-unicorn/

I’d love to hear any comments from anyone who has a look, or even gets a chance to play it :smiley:

Edited to add a damn description of the game: It’s a light, quick game of collecting animals and scuppering others’ plans (or making them scupper themselves). My love of Bruno Faidutti games definitely shows through - there are a few similarities to Secrets.


As well as interviewing board game artists I’ve started putting a bit of my board game photography on my website. Here’s two recent photos I’ve taken of Dead of Winter and Hardback
More Games Please - Photography


Away from my day job I dabble in electronics. Currently going through a phase of making pin badges from PCBs:


What do you collect? (Other than board games, obvs.)

This reminded me of something I saw in a trailer recently. There’s this new film coming out (a quiet place I think- it’s a horror film where they have to be super quiet). Anyway in that they have a wool monopoly set (well at least the pieces) so that it’s silent to play. Not sure how they quieten down shouting at each other and smashing the table across the room.


Obviously they should be playing Magic Maze.


Nice! I have been meaning to do some photos like these for a while now. One less thing I need to do, I guess.


How come you don’t need to do them anymore?
You totally should do! It’s a ton of fun taking creative photos of games. Don’t let me put you off.


Because there are a million things I do and/or want to do! And if I can get someone else to do some of that stuff—or if they do it anyway, without my input—and I get to enjoy the fruits of their labour, well, all the better.

I mean, I still might someday. The photos I would take would be very different from the ones you’re taking. But someone’s on that task? Great, I can focus my energies elsewhere.