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I found her site significantly ( <- look, an adverb) amusing.


She is amusing, among so many other things. Thanks to you and everyone else who visited her site. She definitely noticed a spike in traffic and it made her day.


That’s great to hear. I totally sympathise, in the big wide web when anyone visits my site I’m still always quite amazed!


Yes, I’ve been on twitter for too long. It really does feel like you’re shouting into the void sometimes. Have you checked out TabletopGeneration.com? It’s like a Social Media for board games only. It’s a really cool concept. As a designer looking for publishers, I’m hoping the more people on it the more publishers will look. Stonemaier Games, AEG, and a few other “big” names are already on there.

I’m not affiliated with the site in any way, I just think it’s a great idea. You select whether you’re a blogger, designer, publisher, artist, what have you, when you set up your account. So, I can shop my games to publishers, while you try to get your blog out.


I do art! and have a website for such, http://cargocollective.com/Acgodliman


Sometimes my art is boardgames, or at least boardgame shaped (design is hard so some of these are basically just sculptures). Here’s one that you need to be psychic (or really good at cold reading/observation) to play, and here’s some others.

Then there’s Naumachia (yes, it’s a bad name, I know) which started out as an art project looking like this, but having those pieces to play around with I realised I might have the start of an idea for a half decent game this time.

(cut explanation of this game since I think I should just start a thread for design chat)

Needless to say if anyone is making game stuff and wants art I’m much better at the visual design stuff than the mechanical part.

Website does need updating though, it’s completely lacking my current “I really like heraldry and old woodcuts and stuff” phase.



Finally at a place where I feel like I can share the interactive story I’ve been writing. It’s got 4 characters in separate worlds, who will eventually converge. Hope you read it! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Lz1yXTZYopsNXkercWN77-GL5xlo-q3IxP6DT2QxJHk/edit?usp=sharing


Oh I like these a lot!


So much cool stuff here! Ok, so I do illustration, game design/development, and urban art/landscape design: https://zenzoa.com/

Lately I’ve been doing more digital illustration, which I’ve been sharing periodically over on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SarahOnDesign


Love the tiny games!


(secret Bitsy handshake)


So it was suggested to me that I post my Youtube channel link in here again, despite my misgivings that I’ll totally be bothering people since I already posted it in here over a year ago.

Checks to be sure on that

Okay over two years ago. But still if any of you guys are interested, feel free to check out my channel.

Look What I Found

We’re at 225 subscribers now. So that’s a thing!


End of the year. Shameless promotion time! 2017 was the year I discovered the joys of making PnP games. I needed something to occupy the just-make-something part of my brain, but a new baby meant that the old, power-tool-intensive hobbies weren’t going to work. Pen and notebook, though… those I can manage with an infant asleep on my shoulder.

The stumble down the slippery slope began with a little solitaire card game, Snowbirds. Snow geese follow the Susquehanna River south, just past my house, stopping in the nearby farm fields to glean leftover grain; sometimes when I’m out walking my dog, I can hear the migrating flocks, just barely hidden by the trees that line the river’s edge. The game traces that journey south, the flock struggling against hunger and exhaustion, desperate to get as many birds safely to their wintering grounds as possible.

It’s a card game: one deck creates a sometimes dangerous journey; the other lets you fly, or forage, or rest, or sometimes push on through with an extra ounce of strength. The better you can balance your just-barely-enough resources against the demands of the trip, the likelier your chances of success. There’s a bit of dice luck, some opportunities to mitigate the worst of it, and - if I balanced it right - a constant series of trade-offs to keep things lively.

To keep the whole thing interesting, I put together a pair of expansions. Sunset Sky is mostly a set of new locations to mix things up - New places! New dangers! - and rules to make it into a 2-player experience. (Mostly to see if I could do it. It’s primarily a solo game.) Storms mixes in good and bad weather events that offer benefits and hazards to complicate the whole mess. Both of the expansions fit together to make it even more challenging.

Sunset Sky cards 500

Storms cards 500

So that was fun. Enough that I made another little thing, a cooperative game about constellations, Certain Stars. Not real constellations, mind you. These are bogus ones you’re making up to entertain the kids on a camping trip. It’s a tile-laying puzzle where none of the pieces really fit together all that well, so you’ve got to manage as best you can. Bonus: it fits inside an Altoids tin for portability.

And, as I’ve got a 4-year-old around at all times, I figured she needed something, too. So we now have Bear Went Over the Mountain, which features some of her favorite things: counting, hiking, and the wild animals that populate our backyard. Colorful cards, simple rules, and it keeps her occupied and (relatively) still for whole minutes at a time.


These are absolutely gorgeous Brian! I think I’m going to have to get a Board Game Geek account so I can download Bear Went Over the Mountain for my 3yr old nephew (we’ve been looking for games for pre-school age kids but have found the options very limited).


Preschool games are a tough bunch. But the options get much better very quickly.


For my DnD group I wanted to do a crochet project, but part of doing that was learning how to crochet. So as part of practicing I made my character from the campaign (he’s a Tabaxi, which is some kind of cat-person).

In retrospect, this will probably be more complicated than my actual project is. Spots are a paaaaaain.


I was recommended over here to promote a board game craft project I did.

Inspired by the current trend of “GIANT” versions of games at conventions (Catan, Codenames, Ice Towers, etc) I have been wanting to make one of my own, and I thought La Boca which its colorful blocks would make a great addition!

I’ve never done something involving this much cardboard construction before and decided to start small, and made a 3x scale set of the blocks and grid with cardboard, tape, and construction paper. The end result can be seen below:

For progress pictures and uploads of my templates I made an imgur gallery here.

I’m seeking advice and tips on how to expand this and make one at the 1ft or 1.5ft scale, so anyone who knows more about large cardboard crafts than I do feel free to post on my original thread


Ahahaha that’s so cute!! Good job! I really do not have the dexterity necessary for knitting so I am always impressed by people who do


Thanks! I was worried about the manual dexterity for it too, so I get that. Doing plush stuff is probably the limit of what I can do. Anything that requires smaller yarn and I think my lack of steadiness would do me in.


So… I’m on a podcast! It’s something a friend and I are doing for fun and it’s about how we love Nintendo and video games and junk!

We’ve never done this sort of thing before so feedback is super appreciated!

It’s called “Nintendummies” and you can find us on iTunes, or here on shoutengine!

If you feel like subscribing/reviewing, or whatever it is people do with podcasts, please do.


Thanks to anyone who listened! I was pretty unsure about doing a podcast, but Ben was so excited I went along with it. It was so much fun that we did another one! We didn’t know if we were going to do one a month, or two, but we’re goong to try weekly for now!

Our last episode just went up and I get to blab about my top ten favourite games and my impressions on Celeste!

If anyone wants to help me or and review us on iTunes too, it’d be a huge help!


I finally got my site set up to share the games I’m developing! There’s one up there already that’s “feature complete” and another small, simple one. But there’s other stuff on the way.

And I’ll be blogging about development on there, as well as just games in general.