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Shameless self promotion - blogs, bands, businesses, and creative projects


That’s definitely somethin most of us can relate to! And the site doesn’t look half bad on first site, too.


Thank you!

I really appreciate the kind words.

Now to make sure there’s regular content. :slight_smile:


I know I’ve already posted about my blog, and I won’t do this again, but I wanted to mention that today’s post
is an ode to the SU&SD guys, with also a shout-out to all of you as such a welcoming and fun community to be a party of.

Thanks to all of you!


I’ve started to run a Dungeons & Dragons stream online, between 8:30PM and 11:30PM Thursdays (UK time).

If you’re interested in watching live, check it out at http://www.twitch.tv/ozmills

The full list of streamers joining me is as follows:

Episode 1 - The Adventure Begins

I am gonna make it clear that despite Paul being a player, this stream is not endorsed by SUSD in any way, this is entirely my own work aside from the fantastic RP of the players. I don’t want to get in trouble. :slight_smile:


I’ve started updating my blog again!

Does anyone else here like the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Have a read.


After taking a week off to see my dad (which is why I haven’t been here either), I posted my “New to Me in May” post.

Some great games in there!


I run a chiptune record label called CheapBeats. Any other chiptuners here?

Here is a sample of the music we release:


this isn’t SELF promotion exactly, but my friend and comrade Red was just interviewed by the national feminist organization Women’s March about sex worker rights! Red and I are both members of the Chicago sex worker collective Support Ho(s)e, and Red was representing our group and our fight on a NATIONAL platform! It’s really really cool, Red did an amazing job, and I’m so excited that Women’s March is supporting sex worker rights in this way

you can watch the interview here: https://www.facebook.com/womensmarchonwash/videos/1565707863442487/


Hey, I was on stage this weekend! It was the world premiere of a new children’s opera: Tinte,Tod und Teufel (Ink, Death and Devil)
I played Joshua the deceased father. Here you see my daughter Muriel finding me in heaven after she met death. The woman is God or Mrs. Iamthere and the boy is Martin Luther’s assistant Johannes who’s helping her finding her brother Matti who was taken by Mr. Prince (the Devil) after my funeral.


For years I’ve been trying to explain what my brother actually does in the Portuguese forest, now he’s solved that problem by making a little film about it!


i appeared on the podcast dadfeelings to talk about star trek: deep space nine’s various dads (sisko gets his own episode)


Hi all! This past summer I started a podcast called Cognitive Gamer. I examine the intersection between psychology and gaming (heavy emphasis on board gaming, though video games as well). In a typical podcast, I’ll take an aspect of psychology and explain it by through some specific games. For example, in one podcast I talked about visual imagery, and used examples like Carcassonne and Tetris. If that sounds interesting to you, please check it out! I’m 7 episodes in at this point, and can be found on most places where you find podcasts. Thanks!

iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher


Oh, gosh, my friend Anthony was just on that podcast a few episodes earlier, talking about Picard. Small world! And rah!


Oh damn you know Anthony? I love him!


Yeah, he was in my husband’s PhD cohort. He’s great.


So I make videos etc in my working life but have never really given it a go as something outside of work. A friend of mine is releasing his single and wanted a video made, so here’s my first stab at a live music video!


As a bit of a side hobby from my general gaming and instagraming I started a website interviewing board game artists and designers back in June. They’re very light interviews that focus on artwork, how the individual started out and a particular project.
I decided to keep things light because I honestly wasn’t sure before I started if anyone would even reply. I post a new interview each week so needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by the involvement I’ve got. I’ve had some good interviewees with plenty more fun ones in the pipeline. I’m up to interview number 15 at the moment with the illustrator behind the Oniverse games due next week.
More Games Please - Art in Board Games Interviews


I do some recording and suchlike in my spare time. Got around to making a couple of music videos last year - I saw the title of this topic and thought “hey no one can get cross with me for posting my stuff here”… so here’s the things i did:

If you really like any of it, I have a new album on Spotify and other digital places - and a re-upload of an old one imminent.


I’ve just uploaded a deck builder I built for a class I’m teaching onto Tabletop Simulator that I’m quietly proud of. It’s called Scrap Genius, and it’s a simple little 2-4 player game where whosoever can build the most impressive inventions after 12 days is crowned the scrap genius.

If you feel like having a poke at it, the workshop page is here (though you will need a copy of tabletop simulator to play it)

(This is absolutely not meant to be an ad for the course, by the way. I just wanted to share Scrap Genius)


I’m not here to promote myself, although my twitter handle is the same as my new usernamee, so you can see what I do there.

I’m here to promote my wife.

She was really bummed yesterday because no one had visited her blog at all yesterday, except for me, and apparently that doesn’t count. Her name is Sarah E. Stevens. She is the most amazing wife, a fantastic mother, and she can spin a good yarn as well.

Sarah is an author and has written two books in an urban fantasy trilogy for Wild Rose Press about a woman who’s baby turns into a werewolf. It primarily focuses on the mother and her journey. My wife has a strong feminist voice. So, if you like urban fantasy and you like strong female characters, you would probably really like her books.

You can follow her @sessiesarah on twitter.

Her blog can be found at:

Please, have a look. She would love to see that she got some traffic, especially international traffic.

Also, if her writing sounds like it might be up your alley. Her first two books are available in ebook format through amazon, barnes & noble, and several others. It’s also available as a really real book on amazon or through wildrosepress.com


PS - Don’t tell her I sent you.