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Thank you!!!


It feels a bit cheeky for me to post to this thread, since I’ve not been active on the site for a while, but I’m doing it anyway.

I have a YouTube channel! It is various silly videos in which I parody TV formats, give you silly recipe ideas and generally muck about. If I can get a few of the silent and seated watching it, I’d be a happy man.

The channel is here, or you can hop straight to the videos I’m most happy with, below:


A few friends and me just posted the first episode of our new podcast, where we basically pick a horror movie and wander around the topic.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

(featuring exceptionally shallow discussion of sexual themes in slashers, why name-dropping Freddy Krueger is a weird idea, and what kind of workout you need to do to get a scorpion body)

Tell me what you think!

Edit: Here’s Episode II!


A friend of mine just launched a project website last month dedicated to gaming. He and I are on the deeper end of the obsession swimming pool when it comes to gaming (among other hobbies) and it was only a matter of time until one of us tried our hand at writing about it.

The site is intended to be a vehicle for podcast interviews and written reviews and less about videos. His latest interview was with Paul Leder of Leder Games and he has another upcoming one with artist Anson Maddocks (who I know from MtG art). He’s asked me to write as a contributor and I happily accepted this week and submitted a review for a favorite game of mine this year; Allegiance: A Realm Divided.

I wasn’t sure about linking to this in the SUSD forums because I didn’t want to step on any toes, but I thought about it and I don’t think his site takes away from what Quinns and gang are doing and he isn’t operating on donations or fees so hopefully this is ok (please let me know if not). Actually one of the main inspirations for going with the written review format is the reviews posted by SUSD.

In any case, here is the link to my review and to the site as a whole. I hope some of you check out the site. I’m looking to write reviews and editorial pieces from time to time and my next one will probably be a discussion of how my personal views on inclusivity and equality(especially along gender lines) has changed in the past 2 years. This is something SUSD has been pretty influential for me on and I’m excited to write about it because I think its changed for the better.

Thanks for your time in reading this in any case!


So this year I’ve been making a few short films with my friends at work having fun Writing, Directing, and Editing some 7 minute films. They are:

The Man Upstairs - First one I made this year, mostly just one person and some sound effects. About someone getting frustrated about the person living in the room above.

Night Terrors - Probably the best one I made personally and everyone else thought so to. Office worker finds that his manager is making him do to much work but something isn’t as it seems

The Gokden Cartridge - My most ambitious one and my most dissapointing because it just doesn’t work how I would.like but still think its a good idea and had 3 actors to direct and schradule which was the fun challange and the first time I felt like a proper director really. About two woman who fall out but when one of them gets kidnapped the other has to save them.

And just for the hell of it here is my music collage made from bits and pieces and outakes from all the films I made. Kind of a tribute to all the friends I made this year:


hey! So I just appeared on a podcast hosted by my friends Archie and Ethel! The podcast is a bit (well, okay, very) NSFW so i’m gonna spoiler this brief description It’s called FIST YOU! and it’s two queers reviewing sex toys. Let me know if this is not board-appropriate, but hopefully it’s fine. They had me on for a brief segment to talk about International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers (which is December 17), and to discuss sex worker activism. It was really fun to record, and I think we had a really good, short discussion about why sex worker activism is an essential part of queer activism. They basically had me on because we’re friends and because I talk about this subject a lot on my twitter. Check out the podcast if this sounds interesting!


Hi. So I put together a blog this year. I haven’t done loads of work on it, but it has been great to practise writing. I’ve been given some kind words on my most recent post about my medical adventures of 2016 and about the general awfulness of 2016 in general. If you are keen check it out.



My husband and I have started a YouTube series about bodybuilding—from a queer-friendly, body-positive perspective, where bodybuilding is understood as a form of radical self-fashioning. (“It’s your body: do crazy things with it, if you want to!” is perhaps its core message.) He the on-camera talent (and the one who actually bodybuilds), and I direct and edit the videos.

Anyway, here’s one about eating for your goals, whatever they are—which contains a little homage towards the end to something I’m sure you’re all familiar with. And also contains a lot of eggs. So many eggs.



I host a dance party in Chicago at the club SmartBar, and our party got written about in VICE!!! I’m not mentioned in the article since I am just a humble host and the party is all about the environment created by the DJs, which is as it should be, but I’m incredibly proud of this party and what we as a group work to accomplish with it.

Also, I am really proud of this and I think it’s important, and I want to spread the word about it, so I’m putting it here. I wrote a short comic that was published in Autostraddle. My friend Anna did the art, and I wrote the words. I’m credited anonymously due to the nature of the comic and its content, but it’s a really important thing and i’m proud of it and I want to share it. https://www.autostraddle.com/saturday-morning-cartoon-backpage-366246/


Have I mentioned I self-published a book?

I self-published a book. I’m proud of it… I’m sure in 10 years, once I’m an established author (which, I believe means “makes enough money to pay for at least 50% of my bills”) I’ll be incredibly embarrassed at it… but for now? Super proud.

It’s a modernization of the old Herge hero “Tintin” set in space (and with a female protagonist that has a droid sidekick named “Serial Number Zero -Edison Enterprises”, or “SN0-EE”). It’s silly, it has explosions and fistfights and lasers.

It’s called “Tintian and the King’s Claw”, and you can download it for your very own!


I 3d-print things in various colours ot PLA, particularly board game accessories / upgrades / storage. My own designs, or yours, or someone else’s. I’m in the UK and fairly cheap; I’ve shipped to continental Europe, the USA and Canada with no problems. Give me a shout if you’re interested.



I just bought your book, Marx! I can’t wait to jump into it.

I made the Board Game Mashup twitterbot recently featured in Game News: https://twitter.com/boardgamemashup

[LATE NIGHT CONFESSION: I might end up tweaking it soon…I’m not 100% satisfied with it yet. The mashups should be either thought-provoking or hilarious, and I don’t find the results enough of either yet. They’re too convoluted to be plausible or funny at the moment. I might be overthinking it, though.]

I run a couple of other bots as well. One is a Random Overwatch Fanfic Writing Prompt Generator: https://twitter.com/randomOWfic If you’re into Overwatch and fanfic, you’re in luck! If not…sorry, this one’s pretty opaque. Which is probably why it’s gotten zero traction, ha ha.

Finally, there’s also my favorite bot, Random Duets. Two random artists teaming up on a cover of a random song: https://twitter.com/randomduets I know this sounds vain, but I’m always surprised that it doesn’t have even 30 followers yet…the combos are funny and each one has an even funnier implied backstory. Oh well, it amuses me quite a bit, I guess that’s all that counts.

I do stuff that’s not tweetbot-related, I swear, mostly in the form of unnecessarily inscrutable fanfic. My current project is a romance between the AT&T lady and the T-Mobile lady and is (of course!) a prose poem rewrite of Petrarch’s Il Canzoniere. I only wish I were joking.


And even though when reading it I suspected a deep homage to Tintin…I still completely failed to notice the SN0-EE thing until over halfway through the book.

Oh yes ALSO! @ShirleyNaught When you are done the book or even if you aren’t, you might want to check out the video I did on it over on my YouTube channel. I don’t really call what I do reviews though some people have, I just ramble about books I’ve read. You should be able to find a link to it up near the top of this thread.


I wasn’t really here to promote this, but as there’s a whole topic about it my little corner of the Internets is The Gaming Review (http://www.thegamingreview.com) which used to be just video games but has also been covering board games for a little over a year too. It’s how I got into the whole scene really…


I wrote a book about The Last Of Us! Shameless self-promo!


I’m really not sure how to best promote it – I got a press release posted on Gamasutra, which led to a post on the Czech version of IGN. I definitely didn’t see that coming. But it’s a start!


I love the cover!


Hi everybody,

A little self-promotion here for my just-launched Kickstarter, I wanted to ask people to take a look at Animals with Weapons (AWW), a new twin-deck trump card game featuring animals and, well, weapons. 132 cards, 2 decks, 3,600 combinations (more with the optional Terrain cards) and game modes running from traditional trump cards to tactical, ‘deck-building’ play. I’d really appreciate any feedback (and backers, obviously!).

You have the right to bears…armed!

Animals with Weapons (AWW) on Kickstarter


whispers from a corner It me. I write stuff and I say stuff! Sometimes I even Twitch stuff.


So this comic? The artist also pitched it to The Nib, which is the political cartoon website that was founded by Matt Bors and publishes such talents as Matt Lubchansky and many others.

So The Nib picked up the comic and asked us to expand it to 20-ish panels. Again I wrote the words and Anna did the art.

It was published yesterday, on Trans Day of Visibility. I’m intensely proud to be featured on a website like The Nib and Anna’s art is amazing. They really did a wonderful job and were a dream to work with. You can read the comic here: https://thenib.com/sex-work-backpage


Hope you don’t mind me posting a boardgaming blog in here, but I don’t think it will ever be in competition with this site, so it shouldn’t be a threat. :slight_smile:

I just started a boardgaming blog called “Dude! Take Your Turn!” (something my friend, who will also be contributing posts to the site, says to one of our fellow gamers all of the time).

It may have other posts as well, but it’s so far totally boardgaming, with some reviews, some opinion on games in general, things like that.

I’m proud of it, though I need to post more often than I have.

I did manage to get a Q&A put together with the social media manager from Bezier Games, which I thought was kind of cool.