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Please, promote the heck out of that here! (Promote your playtester, too, that was very well done!)

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@Triangulate That’s probably the best Mysterium photo I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a few. I can’t stop looking at it.

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I am really interested in the idea of an “Open Source” game that is easy to print and play. I dislike the amount of stuff and plastic and consumption that keeping up with this hobby entails. I feel that the core beauty of a board game is elegance of the ruleset and not the stuff. I feel that the cost of physical game stuff should not bar someone from playing the game well or even owning their own reference copy of the game.

I am releasing a black and white line art PNP version of my game TADA under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License. The PNP only needs 5 sheets of black and white paper to print the cards and the 1 page rules reference. The rules reference is 90 percent of the rules. It is only missing the precise definition of unit death and “how to read the cards” picture.

You can grab the print and play here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rLOPggQf_g96glwtE2cwhjoUXijvv2Nf

TADA is a 2-player Ars Goetia demon themed card game featuring 108 unique demons. The free version has only 36 out of the 108 demons. I plan to add more demons to the free version with non-monetary community involvement. For example, if people actually play it, social media stuff, or submission of simple line drawings for the demons.

I have played many card games and I don’t know a card game that feels similar to TADA. Probably the closest game in terms of expressiveness is Mage Wars. Only two demons in TADA use dice, so maybe Pixel Tactics is closer. I’d like feedback on a game that feels close to TADA. I’ve played comparatively fewer miniatures games, so maybe there is a miniatures game that is closer.

TADA has 3 factors that make it feel different. 1. The demons are unique with few repeated concepts. One demons does not go onto the board and cannot directly be interacted with. Another demon is actually a placeholder for 3 immortal demons. 2. TADA uses an upgrade mechanic where demon’s can be combined to stack passive abilities. This allows for some crazy combos. FFT multi-classing is probably the closest thing to this mechanic. 3. When any demon is played, TADA lets players ban an opponents demons a limited amount of times per game. This lets the demons have crazy combos without unbalancing the game. This was inspired by watching many games of professional DOTA. In play, it feels the most similar to playing around counterspells in Magic the Gathering.

I am working on a premium version of the game with many talented artists. Some of the artists have worked on Legend of the Five Rings, Netrunner, Artifact and Legend of the Cryptids. You can see final art for the game at https://www.instagram.com/burgergamesus/


Cory Doctorow makes a living on giving his books out for free. It sounds weird, but it can be super effective in this age of infinite reproducibility of original ideas. I’m behind this, 100%, I hope to see it to completion (the art is fantastic, BTW). I’ll try to roll what you have so far in to our local weekly sessions if I can, to give you feedback (play testing is key).

Got a date for the Kickstarter launch. And early bird price. And reviews. Good reviews!

14th May, includes free shipping in UK and subsidised shipping everywhere else!

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Thanks for checking TADA out. I hope you’ll get a chance to try it.

The cards information read left to right on the Top - Power - Speed - Range - Victory Points - Health - Bottom - left to right - Assisting Plus Power - Classifications - Assisting Plus Victory Points - Assisting Plus Health. The two most important rules to get right are: 1. Demons untap at the beginning of every round (same time as when AP resets) not every turn. 2. Demons untap when they are first assisted.

If you do get a chance to try it, give me your feedback and I’ll add 9 more characters to the Free Version to celebrate the first non-local to me person to try it.

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@therearerules Can you post a link on the Kickstarter thread? It’s really just there for people to talk about what they’ve funded, but I don’t think anyone would complain about a simple link.

@Quoc If I can get my flock to play it (and I’ll try, we have a couple of members that are a bit finicky about what we do on any particular night) I will PM you with their (and my) feedback. I’m printing out the docs.

I was going to post a link when the campaign was live, but I’ll probably post one slightly before it’s live for comments and people pointing out glaring grammatical mistakes.

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Thanks, I think it should be both here and there when you’re ready.

I’ve updated TADA’s Reference Aid to include a key for the game’s two icons.

I’ve also added a 22 page document that gives diagram examples of the 1 effective page of rules.

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Did my review of Embark from Tasty Minstrel Games today.

A really interesting game. Not awesome, but very pleasant and pretty short. Meaty for what it is.


I’ve made a puzzle for TADA. You can access at the drive at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rLOPggQf_g96glwtE2cwhjoUXijvv2Nf.

The rules reference plus the diagrams should be enough to solve the puzzle.

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I know most people would probably see this in the Kickstarter thread, but I’ll post it here as well- I’ve launched Forks!

If you’re interested in clever card games with tiny footprints for small money and postage included (UK, but subsidised elsewhere), then check it out!


My Kickstarter Facing the Titan is currently at 250% of funding. We’re at the middle of the campaign, and all is going great. Stretch Goals unlocked, new Titans, rules variants (even a solo mode to come).
It’s only €7 for the PDF (and PoD at-cost), it’s a GM-Less RPG, and it’s fun (at least when I played it! :grin: )


Hey everyone! You may have seen already but I’ve officially announced the game I’m working on! This is my first game so I’m still figuring out the promotion aspect but you can expect plenty of news in the coming months as we get closer to Gen Con and SHUX!

Link to original post!

Coming to Kickstarter in December 2019!


I still can’t stop giggling about the title.


Talking about Arboretum in one of the other threads, and I just posted my review of it today!

Let me know what you think. (it has ninjas!)


I always like reading you, but there weren’t nearly enough ninjas :grin:

Ok, ok, ok…I may have oversold the ninjas.

Call me Clickbait Dave.

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For future reference, I am renaming “TADA: Transforming Advanced Demonic Adversaries” to “Evokers”.
On strategy, its hard to get people excited about pure mechanics. I am going try to build a community around the premium version of the game first and then later try to promote the free and cheap to print version of the game later. My premium version of the game now real graphic design with color.

Check out the Instagram https://www.instagram.com/burgergamesus/ again! As many exciting pieces of art have been finished since the last of time. Some works I want to highlight are “Sitri:The Siren” https://www.instagram.com/p/BxgpFEwlPjC/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link, The twinned demons “Pollux” and “Castor” https://burgergames.us/ (the Instagram has the individual pieces, but I’ve made a side by side poster of “Pollox and Castor”) and “Thanatos: God of Death” https://www.instagram.com/p/BxiNAiAlcsn/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link. Also check out Mady Madnoliet’s insane attention to detail for Thanatos at https://www.instagram.com/p/BxizBgdlvja/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link.