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Here is my latest video.
This is quite a personal one - hope you like it. If you do, please feel free to share it - I would like more people to know it is there.


Wow, that obliterated me. Well told and illuminating. Will definitely be sharing this, and will be subscribing for future videos.


Thanks for sharing it. The ending was lovely, really got me. Liked and Subscribed :+1:


Hey thank you!

I mainly held off on posting the site as I don’t intend to start updating the blog until May when I graduate but for those who are interested in my current body of work feel free to check it out:


I am planning on doing a daily draw for April leading up to Avengers: Endgame so if you like pixel art,
I’ll be starting on Monday! (I will also be posting them all to my twitter @DungeonsNDrag so feel free to follow me there as well!)


I’m currently writing a GM-less RPG called “Facing the Titan”. I just released a preview of the game, with a full Titan and its Setting, and rules on how to create a setting for a one-shot.

Meet Vamakaskan, the Beast of Origins, on my blog !


Finally posted my “new to me boardgames - March 2019” post.

With 8 new to me games, it’s a doozy!

Some really good games in there, though (Dice Forge and Cuba Libre to name two)


I’ve recently started writing reviews for Meeple Mountain, starting with a review of Inis. It’s fun to get to talk about games ya’ll!


Wrote my review of Res Arcana. TLDR I just expanded from my rant in Last Games You Played thread

Also, here’s my top 30 ‘New to Me’ for 2018.


Interested in a quick (40 minutes or so) tactical area control game about the Russian Revolution?

Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 is your game!


I’ve got an RPG blog and hex mapping dm tool at rhysmakesthings.com/blog and rhysmakesthings.com/gm_friend .

Plus I recently uploaded a comedy sketch “How To Make an Animated GIF” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5xFtovjU9A


@whovian223 not my style of play normally, but heck that looks great! I really like “the hammer” (well, all the components seem like they’re very high quality, truth be told) and the bones of the gameplay look really clean.

@rhysplaysgames That’s actually a very useful tool, easy to pick up and implement.
Also, thank you for someone FINALLY figuring out how to pronounce “gif.”


You’re not a big card-driven area control guy?


I don’t care what the creator thinks, it’s gif with a hard ‘g’ sound. It’s not a jraphic interchange format file, now is it?


I do like these type of games, I really like both area-control and card driven games, but looking at my collection, I’ve realized that hidden-role, creative, abstract strat, RPGs, and dex games tend to add themselves to the pile.

Also things I just like to look at, the art-factor is inappropriately disproportional to the mechanics, which kind of bothers me (I swear my wallet does things that my hands have no knowledge of. I have no idea how I got 80% of my games that are more “pretty” than “good”).


Yep. It’s pronounced “hiff.”

(All joking aside, yes, the creator is totally wrong).

OK Ok ok, let’s stop messing around, kids. Let the other nerds plug their stuff here!


I used to write music reviews a long time back, but this weekend was the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to write a board game review. I discovered a little abstract solo game that was just so good that it needed a review.


Both “abstract” and “solo” kind of unfairly get kicked to the curb with some gamers, but I love them both, the combination is great (I can play this on the bus, car (as a passenger!), or plane. Probably on a train, too, but Florida has some kind of aversion to rail, so I can’t test that). Thanks for putting this here.


Solo is still not something I typically enjoy, but I have discovered several simple abstract games that can be played asynchronously with coworkers and am getting a lot of fun out of it.


I’m still working through the design for a flower-collection card game, but one of the playtesters was so enamored of it so far he made a little promo video. I’m pretty promotion-averse, but how I could I not share something that sweet?

Folks like Mike Heiman are one very good reason I keep going back to print & play.


It’s been a while since I’ve taken a board game photo I thought was particularly good but I got a new camera today so wanted to see what it could do. Quite happy with the results!