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Hi Guys! I designed a fantastic standard playing card game called, appropriately enough, “Card Game of Thrones”. It’s a one page PDF, 2-4 player, 10 to 30 minute, Westeros-building game. My friends love it and I would love to share with the community here. If you would consider reviewing it as part of “Card Games that Don’t Suck”, I think you’d get a big kick out of it, too! Please let me know how I can submit it.


Post a link here @Azizzle (like, literally, right here in this thread), and prepare for the vultures to descend.

(Not really, we’ll be honest, but we would never be mean).


Coolio, here is the link to the google doc. Eager to hear your opinion!


The 10 Most Popular Board Games In The World

Have you guys played any of there games? Also Shut up and Sit down is featured in here!!!


Amazing, I can actually agree with a lot of this list. And I own 9 of the 10 games listed. These aren’t the best games out there, but most of them do have wide appeal.


I have started recording a podcast, interviewing people that do jobs that are slightly out of the ordinary - how they got into them, what’s it like and how others may get into it etc. The first three I’ve got lined up to record are Air Traffic Controller, Forensic Diver and Butler. Maybe Boardgame Designer could be an episode!

I’m thinking of calling it ‘A job less ordinary’

Any thoughts - is this the kind of thing you would listen to? Any suggestions of jobs?


Dental Hygienist, please! I need to know how somebody chooses that career path.


I’m making (another) game, but I’m also publishing it this time: Facebook page(would appreciate any likes so I don’t feel embarrassed when pointing it out to people) https://facebook.com/radical8games/

And BGG page: Forks


Good lord, please post a link here when you have one.
I love the name, and you really need to do this, this sounds so strangely appealing (possibly because I’m going through NPR withdrawal).

I’m with @pillbox on dental hygienist.

What about a “sanitation professional?” Those (almost always “dudes”) who pick up your garbage on their trucks?

When I was a kid, my brother and sister and me used to hang off the steps on the side of my grandfather’s truck and pretend to be “garbage men” while he drove us around. (It was the 80s, we barely even had seat belts back in those days, it was perfectly normal for children to do this insanely dangerous activity. It was really fun!)

I think that it’s interesting that, in the US, it’s kind of difficult job to get accepted for, and that they earn more than most teachers.


Well it’s about time, kid. I really like the art direction and the concept!

When you have a finished thing, honestly, I will probably pay in (I don’t do FB anymore, though. Arrgh, OK, I’ll do it this one time).


I worked for a waste disposal company for a while. Not as a truck-hanger-offer, though. The drivers of the trucks are quite well paid… The helpers (as they are called) are typically either temp workers or trying to earn a truck of their own (promotion from within is common)



In Germany, while they don’t earn as much as teachers (who are - thank god - really well paid here), driving garbage trucks is a sought-after job.


I have a friend whose dad once appeared on the local BBC news as a “compost expert”


Did another review!

Space Base (ironically mentioned in another thread). A great game.


Totally gonna read that! :stuck_out_tongue:


Were you the one who mentioned it? LOL

Hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing it (the opening, at least LOL)


Yes. It was me in Last Games You Played. It was my first game and I was impressed.


That’s exactly what I said 2 years ago and I’m still posting! Hope you have a ton of fun with it.


Awesome! I hope you liked the review.

And glad you enjoyed the game! It’s one of my favorites.


That’s so funny - I follow your IG already. Really enjoy your content - even if I didn’t win any of your excellent giveaways :wink: