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(Also, from here on out, I’m just going to call you “Wook” for short, or @Wookiebait as normal. Not “Wookie”. We’ve had some George Lucas sightings around my house, according to the bug exterminator guy, and I don’t want to get into that whole mess).


Ha, that’s absolutely fine with me!


Well, now you’re stuck with it.

(PM me or any other Admin/Mod if you want your title changed or deleted).


@MinuteWalt thanks so much! Very sweet things to say.


Oh, my, do we ever. We’re an off-center, pro-stuff-making sort of crowd. Especially when there are purty pitchers.


Also, I forgot to mention my blog (and the home for present and future PnPs!): t3things.com. Come read my thoughts and ramblings on games!


Two new ones from me.

The iOS/Android version of Tides of Time. An ok app, dreadfully missing online multiplayer.

And then the fabulous Architects of the West Kingdom.

What a great game!


I posted this in the KS thread but this is probably a better place to showcase it.

I’m in the early stages of prepping my first game for Kickstarter! The plan is to launch in December 2019 and I’m hoping to bring test copies to Gen Con and Shux 19!

This will be my first campaign, and I intend to spend a lot of time learning about how to build an audience, and create something worthwhile.

I hope to be here more regularly as I finish school soon and will then be pretty much working full-time on this game.

This is more of an open-ended question for everyone here, but in the spirit of full transparency, do y’all feel starting a thread for my game is over-zealous? I’d love to share some of the art/writing I’ve been doing for it and think it could be of interest to the community here.

I intend to start a blog for the game soon, but would love to have a way to get feedback from such a dedicated community of board-game enthusiasts.

For those who may be curious, the game is called Super Human Resources and is an asymmetrical scenario based game centered around a group of super-heroes fighting a powerful mastermind player. SHR’s main inspirations are games like Descent and Imperial Assault, with a visual style inspired by 8-bit and 16-bit video games. Recruit new heroes, forge new alliances, and face new foes as the world of SHR transforms around you after every scenario.

Heroes wanted. Powers not Required.

Here is an extremely brief concept teaser I threw together for my senior reel:

(I should have a trailer with a bit more meat on it coming within the next month or so, and hope to post more photos as play-testing is currently underway and in May I’ll be debuting the game for the first public play test).


Going back a couple of years this time, my review of 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis.

This is a great lunchtime game for two players, a card-driven game (kind of like Twilight Struggle).

Great game!


I post and I blog, but as a french guy, it’s mainly in french. But it happens sometimes I wrote in english, so I’ve made a tag for it : http://www.gulix.fr/blog/tag/in-english/

It’s about RPG, mainly. The one I wrote and want to give to english players.




Really great! thanks for sharing


French? on te pardonne… :wink:

(je suis de Marseille)


It is not immediately obvious that this is a board game video, but stick with it …


Subscribed !


I am onboard. (OK, it’s no secret I’m onboard with pretty much everybody here). You’ve been a good member since you joined, and I will follow your project until it’s done.

Doing a KS can be scary as heck, and you forgot to shamelessly post a link here as well. (<-got you covered! But that’s just a link to the KS thread here, you should probably edit in a link to THE ACTUAL site).

@whovian223 I could not agree more.

@Gulix You francophones are maddening! I’m always on the edge of understanding, my French is only slightly less-terrible than my Spanish (or my English, for that matter). I’m following this.

@skdin That was…odd…but entertaining. You made me laugh, so I’m paying attention!

(EDIT: I just realized I’ve already seen all the rest of your videos before that one. I’m so bad at hitting “subscribe” when I’m on my laptop, I’m so sorry! Subscribed now, though.)


Just clarifying, you are talking about what I said regarding 13 Days: the Cuban Missile Crisis, right?

If so, then yes! It is a brilliant game. I have a collection of 2-player games that take under an hour at work that I play with a coworker.

Lots of fun!


I can’t promise it is DEFINITELY going to be interesting, but I’ve started an Instagram to document some of my favourite games as I play them. It’s very new, and hasn’t been as active as I’d like, but if you feel so inclined you can check it out

My hope is that the photographs are strong enough to keep interest - but hey we’ll see.


Hey folks, just a quick visit for something a little serious, a little silly: I am a frequent contributor to an Infinity-the-Game podcast called “White Noise”. Usually I contribute short stories, but this week I contributed an interview with a mental health gaming advocate.

I think it’s an interesting lesson, and it’s not specific to Infinity (although much of the dialogue is centered around miniatures games, most of it is not).



You are correct, I apologize for not making that clear, my friend!