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Fingesr crossed…


I did my fourth Smash Up expansion review for the Oops You Did It Again expansion.

I love this game for a lunchtime game with two of my co-workers. We play bi-weekly (the alternating weeks we play with more people and play a different game).

I love this game.


Did it arrived?


It did! I need to launder it to get the sizing out, but I tried it on and it’s pretty comfy. It arrived on game night, and everyone thought it was pretty cool. I’ll post a photo as soon as I can.


@Tadd31 Here you go, buddy!

The weather was all over the place here, this was the first sunny day I could get the shot (with the help of my son).

Selfie Thread!

Hi! I make videos to discuss areas of History and also do some boardgame reviews

My latest one is here, on the Scottish Reformation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN5o8O_wLBM&lc=z22reh4ghtnbyntzm04t1aokg4ro5f2h350lfhhtev2qbk0h00410

I’ve also recently done a review of Twilight Struggle here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnm5l-WgEmM&t=91s

I hope you enjoy it!


Hello! I’m a hobbyist board game designer. I.E. A creative realist with no aspirations of games on store shelves just trying to eke out something to enjoy with friends and family.

A little while back, I won a 24 hour design contest with a roll & write game, and it’s now entered in a bigger roll & write contest on Board Game Geek. For the most part I design things poorly, and my wife is gracious enough to try them anyway, but once in a rare blue moon something decent comes of it. My game is called Leaf Pile, and while it needs a better name and better art, it’s a relaxing mashup of Tetris, coloring, and windy fall days.


I’m actually really digging the name Leaf Pile. Stick with that (imho). It’s friendly-sounding, kind of cute, and broadly descriptive.

There are a lot of artists here and on BGG who would help you with the art.

Honestly, I think it’s OK so far for an indie game. I hope it goes further.


@Keet1922 Get an avatar image!

JK, do what you want. We just have this thing now where non-avatar members have a weird blank image, ask any mod/admin for advice.

I watched your video (twice, actually) and it was quite entertaining. And I hate educational stuff! (Just on general principle. If it’s actually entertaining, though, I’m down with it).

History has always been a problem with me, but I really liked this. Thank you.


Thanks, Walt! Maybe I will keep the name and try for the cute and chill game. It involves coloring, so it probably doesn’t need to be too intense.

Regarding art, I don’t really know how I would go about recruiting someone. My wife does web design (she uses Illustrator for mockups), and I’m not too shabby with a pencil sketch, but creating digital art is a process neither of us are really familiar with. If I had done a more traditional Roland Wright game like Ganz Schon Clever or Qwixx where it’s all about numbers then I wouldn’t be trying to learn digital art. Maybe it’s good for me though.


Thanks! I’m glad you like it and yes, I’ll find an image for the avatar!


Dunno, man. I kinda dig the colored pencil look in your sample game image. The subdued colors and handwritten aesthetic might be just right for a game where you’re supposed to color it in yourself.


My review of the Steam version of Mystic Vale went up today.

It’s a great implementation, but I just wish that it had asynchronous multiplayer.


That’s a great idea, Brian! If I reworked the logo to be all pencil, it might be a uniform “hand drawn” aesthetic that actually works.


To celebrate hitting 10,000 followers on Instagram I’m doing 10 days of board game giveaways.

It started yesterday but each giveaway is live for a few days so there’s plenty of time to get involved.
Giveaway no.1 was Cottage Garden, Indian Summer and Spring meadow.
Giveaway no.2 is Kingdomino, Queendomino and Kingdomino Age of Giants (plus promos).

I wanted to do something special to thank the community so I’m giving away almost 30 games. I’m actually pretty jealous of the people who win because I don’t have most of these games and would like them. https://www.instagram.com/moregamesplease/


Hi there everyone! I’m a newbie to the SUSD forums, though I’ve been a fan for a while. Trying to get a little more involved in discussion and community building and such. Anyway, my little contribution to this thread is that I recently released my first PnP, Apothecary. I don’t know if this is the sort of thing people get into here, but here’s the BGG page: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/273266/apothecary

Looking forward to fun times on the ol’ forums


@Triangulate You rock, I can’t believe it took me almost a week to even see this. I’ve been a fan of yours since you’ve joined us (IT’S TOTALLY NOT A CULT!)

@tbrofromspace This is absolutely the sort of thing people get into here. We love us sum quirky PnPs. Personally, I like what your Apothecary’s cooking.


Hey everyone, first time caller here. I’m a graphic designer who specialises in entertainment stuff (games, sport, theatre etc). Here’s some art/graphics from a card game I’ve been developing.


That is pretty sharp-looking stuff, Wookie!

I’m also intrigued about what the final game is gonna be like.


Thanks dude, it’s a light card game that plays in 15-30 minutes. More info here:


Still making some tweaks but it’s getting there