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That is genuinely better than pretty much any other music video I’ve seen for ages.


OMG, can we have a combo of “You Had Me” and “Meeples Love”?

(Sorry, geeking out a little at the great designs).


…Disco head stole all of my dance moves, and did them better than me.



Hey folks. Just wanted everyone to know that I finished the Print version of my first novel, Tintian and the King’s Claw.

Amazon USA:

Amazon UK:

While this book definitely has some “first novel” issues (don’t get me started on the arrogance of using “nhe” in that middle section… oh, regrets, I’ve had a few), overall I’m really, really proud of it.

Plus, I just finished the first draft of its sequel (currently titled “Tintian and the Dark Comet”, but we’ll see what the final title actually ends up as), so with a little luck I’ll get that out this year as well and you can be ready for it!

Oh, and hey… if you do happen to buy the book (either digital or dead-tree), and you have a minute to put up a review, I’d appreciate a tonne.


Thanks to everyone for the kind words about the video :smile:

@Marx09 Cool! What’s the process to get published in paper format these days? I imagine it’s easier than it used to be but did you get a publisher or do some kind of independent printing?
And congrats for publishing a whole novel!


@Felix I’ve just watched the official video and… yours is better! Much more energy…!


Hey Felix! Self-publishing isn’t difficult, just time consuming. Amazon now has a Print on Demand system that requires you to upload PDFs. Theoretically easy, but really tricky to do well (although, to be honest, most self-published authors don’t bother, which is a problem… the general quality of self-published work is really low, but hopefully that will change as people realizing just throwing crap out won’t make them suddenly rich and famous).

I really would like to be traditionally published (get an agent, maybe, but one of the big 6 publishers with contracts and all that jazz), but it’s a tonne of work, unsurprisingly. The general turn-around for feedback for a novel is about 6-8 months per publisher/agent. And that’s if they’re nice enough to get back to you, and none of the big publishers accept unsolicited submissions (you must have an agent to submit), and so on and so forth.


Interesting. And unsurprising I suppose. My music video took 2 years of on-and-off negotiating to get music rights. It was only when someone with the right connections stepped in that we finally got it online.

It’s frustrating that these barriers still exist. It’s cool that you have an avenue to do it yourself though. If only things were a bit less bureaucratic and a bit more accessible…


Just started it, and it seems pretty good.:grinning: I will probably give it a review on my blog once I finish it.


You should have tag me, just noticed this but yes you can @MinuteWalt

And if anyone needs anything or has an idea, am at [email protected]


I just purchased one @Tadd31!

I do try to support the people who post here (you know who I’m talking to, you kids who’ve I’ve bought things from), and there are others in this community who do, as well. They just may not be as vocal about it (I have a big mouth).

This is one of my favorite threads.


I just finished my Top 25 Games Played of All Time (which is only out of the 296 that I had played at the time I did my ranking, so it’s not like it covers everything).

I’ve sort of rediscovered the joy of blogging after the stress at the end of last year with work and my dad’s health. He died right before Christmas, and while it is (and was) sad, I have sort of revitalized my life (including blogging) after it happened.

Maybe a “life’s too short” thing? Or something else?

I don’t know, but it feels good.


Cool, I enjoyed your top 5 especially - unusual picks!
I wasn’t aware of most of them, it’s a list that gives a really good sense of your taste in games.


Thank you so much, do post a pic when you get it!!! $2 profit on my way, time to go to pnparcade.com I think… :grinning:


My wife has a book chat podcast. Check it out. Sniffing the Pages


Thank you! Yeah, I know they’re a bit unusual, but I like them. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the visit and the kind words!


I read the title and I dropped my laptop! :rofl:


How expensive is it to get the cards printed like that? It looks really nice!


Thanks! Not very expensive - if you’re willing to do all the work yourself, that is. I have a nearly decade-old, finicky inkjet printer at home, which works fine for prototypes as long as I don’t spill a drink on them. It can’t handle card stock, so I’m limited to card sleeves and spray-mounting to card as needed.

When I want color versions, I send the files to my local UPS Store. (It’s the nearest option in my rural town. Win by default!) For most cards, I have them print single-sided on 65 lb. cover stock, then trim, align and adhere both sides with Super 77, and cut out on the side that needs the neatest lines. Usually the backs. Then a corner rounder to make 'em look nicer and for ease of shuffling. If I want a sturdier card - more like a tile - then I’ll pick a heavier stock for printing. I have used 100 lb. stock with duplex printing for simpler trimming, but only when front/back alignment isn’t important. If I’m doing that, I’ll construct a busy repeating pattern for the backs so you can’t tell them apart even if there’s a significant shift.

I’ve only set up one of my PnP games with an online printer, which ends up being about $13 for a deck of cards at cost. (I don’t make anything off of it.) They sure look nice that way, though.


I just looked at the tracking info, it should be here today(ish)!