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Is this standalone or a follow up to your first book?


This one is completely standalone. The plan is to keep writing new series until something catches some significant attention, and then to make more of THAT series until it’s stable.

Technically, my 4th novel is another Tintian, but then novel 5 and 6 will be standalone again, and then 7 will be Tintian, etc… and smatterings of short stories submitted to contests.


@MrJackdaw indeed standing up is much much better… insert 2 done, I think I need to buy better blades my Standley knife one I think are too thick https://www.instagram.com/p/Bss6W7HjiWH/


I am so sharing this…


Hi folks!

I just wanted to let you know that we have just opened a new board game spot in Finsbury Park, London: The Board Game Cave!

We (currently) have over 70 games for you to choose from. Check out our website for the full list and more info: www.grinandbeerit.co.uk/theboardgamecave

You’re also very welcome to bring your own games to play with us.

Not only that, but we have have over 180 different craft beers to choose from as well as wines, craft gins and soft drinks.

It’s only £3 per person for a gaming session of any length, and if you book a table with us for a gaming session before the end of February, and tell us to “shut up and sit down” when you come in, then we’ll throw in a free 2/3 pint of craft beer of your choosing from our 6 taps! (one per booking)

Thanks so much for reading and we hope to see you soon!


Hello people,

I just wanted to say that I run a blog where I post reviews about board games and other geeky stuff which is called Problem Player. I hope that I offer a bit of a different view on board games as I am a teenager and I post one blog a week one Saturday (well, try at least, sometimes that pesky homework gets in the way). You can find the blog here https://problemplayer.blogspot.com/. :smile:


You got me interested!

I’m Following you now (eww, that sounds so creepy, I just mean on blogspot) so keep up with posting content, kid!

The hardest part is to keep releasing things on a regular basis. You’re starting off strong, just keep putting one foot in front of the other.


Much appreciated, I do agree that keeping posting every week is tricky but I try and just get a bank of content ready over the holidays when I have time and then if I miss a week it won’t matter. :grinning:


Whoops. Meant to do this at the end of 2018, not a month into the new year, but… self-promotion doesn’t come naturally. But never mind! I like to scrawl out print-and-play games in my spare time, so here are the finished products of two-thousand-eighteen…

2018 was apparently the year where I made things too big and too complicated, and nothing quite illustrates that like Threnody. It’s three cooperative puzzle games combined into one, where your success (or lack thereof) in each puzzle sets the difficulty for the next. The same cards have different uses in different puzzles, which at least cut down on the sheer number of pages to print. At least it looks good-ish? (Honestly, I had a blast doing the drawings for this one.)

I can’t exactly recommend it - the game’s second puzzle is a fiercely difficult deduction effort - but it was a hell of an experiment. And, yeah, I kind of love that devilish puzzle.

I also slapped together a solo game based on a dumb joke, which I’m weirdly proud of. Dungeon Cruller is as close as I’ll ever get to a dungeon crawler. What if you want that delightful dungeon treasure, but really don’t want the denizens of the deep to devour you? You buy it off the sword- and spell-wielding folk when they return from the depths, of course. Better yet, you build up a thriving doughnut business, selling pastries to the dungeon delvers to fuel their pillaging, then buying the goodies from them with the money they’ve just paid you.


At heart, it’s a gambling game, where you have to choose between reliable but poor payoffs and high-risk, high-reward bets. Different denizens of the dungeon reward different strategies, and doing well requires a sense of dice odds. I’m kind of hoping I can strip it down to the chassis to make a multiplayer version this year, because the whole shebang ended up being more silly fun than I’d expected.

I also got to indulge my love of nomograms, digging through century-old math textbooks and old wargame discussions. Definitely going to be working with nomogram designs again. I also got to use an odd mechanic from my notebooks where aligning two different cards determines the success/fail scales for rolling dice.

And I got to draw silly pictures! Didn’t want to rehash any other fantastic universes, and silliness was crucial, so…

Phew. Got some more silliness planned for 2019, but I’ll keep my trap shut about it until next year.


You did get a bit of attention from the intro thread already!


Hey, you posted the PDFs, this has to be somebody’s cup of tea, and could also be a great source of feedback for playtesting and balancing.
Also I think the drawings look great on the cards.

Dungeon Cruller looks as silly as it should be.
If using nomograms can be integrated in a way that a random yet experienced gamer at a con can easily understand without having to know the principles behind it, that has potential to be an intuitive and unique mechanic.


Congrats!!! will try to get down there at one point


Pour les Français, il y en a ici?


2 months of my life and thousands of nominations and votes later… here is the Best Board Game Art of 2018… as decided by the general public. I’m off to get some much needed sleep.


I made a fan made music video. We recently got the music rights to post it online. Here is Handsome by the Vaccines, with visuals by myself and a friend:


Holy carp, that’s good!


Liked. Subscribed. Fantastic.


I have been a fan since you joined us.

So I’m going to be a jerk and say “keep doing stuff!”

Fine, get some sleep, whatever, just don’t leave us without more, eventually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


impressive !!! love it


For Valentine https://www.teepublic.co.uk/user/rollforthewin