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Shameless self promotion - blogs, bands, businesses, and creative projects


My first dice tray… you have to start somewhere right? https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq4oNJ1Bg8g/


My thrift shop picture frame might seem classier but we both put the same amount of effort into them, I think.


My Top 10 games published in 2018

I enjoyed writing this up, as it made me go back on good gaming memories with my friends. :smile:

Your Board Gaming Year in Review- 2018

Cool! I write a website about board game strategies: http://boardgametheories.com/

For Dutch fokes we also have a Dutch version: http://bordspeltheorie.nl/


Me and my friends are working on a card game where chickens rob banks!

This started in the late summer of 2018 and we started blogging about our process at www.fourtato.com

We also have the game website up at www.chickenheist.com

Let us know what you think :))

Introduction Thread!

We’ve done a special awards show episode. Hope you enjoy it!


My favorite was “Best game that doesn’t exist.” I’m all for Sushi-Go Legacy, in particular.

EDIT: I didn’t know much about Fog of Love, but because of the podcast I delved deeper, and it’s totally on my list now.


Great to hear we could put a game on your radar. Honestly we sort of put the cast together after thinking of the final category!


Well, I’ve started a blog to review films I watch for the next twelve months, with at least one in depth review per month. First one is up at mrjackdawblog.wordpress.com/2018/12/26/blackkklansman-2017/ Where I review Spike Lee’s 2017 film BlacKkKlansman.

This is more as a store for memory than anything else, but feel free to check it out if you want to see my opinion!


I wasn’t interested in this until that post. Lee had a run of less-than stellar movies, and I suppose that made me discount him. You flipped me on this, I’ll have to check it out.

As far as “Shameless SP,” you’ve made fan right here.


I’m glad! It is a really, really good film!

(And thanks for the comment, god knows how much I’ll actually keep up with the blog, but writing is good for the mind)


First foamboard project ! https://www.instagram.com/p/Br_LqpEj-Ko/


You are doing it right.


@MinuteWalt Thank you…need better blade I think or need to learn to cut better…next Kind of Tokyo with expansion 8)


I think the only thing you really need is practice, that came out pretty solid for a first shot. (But yeah, any excuse to get a better toy tool is a good excuse! Sharper blades are actually safer blades, after all.)


Foamcore blunts blades really quickly. A steel rule, cut mat and making sure you are standing up when cutting go a long way to good joints!


So I made another video involving the animals that live in my house playing board games. My sense is this is extremely niche.


Laughed until my glasses fell off my face in the first 15 seconds, then began to understand “this is how children make otherwise normal adults into lunatics.” Or at least tell me you have kids, because your stuffed animal collection rivals my own.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re totally bonkers, there is no doubt of that. But I believe I’ve also been there, and it seemed completely normal at the time.

I watched it twice, liked/subscribed. I will always be a fan of @mistercrayon.


I have no children in terms of age but I do have a partner and we do encourage this nonsense in the other.


Hey folks, just popping by to mention that my 2nd novel, Starconvoy EH-76, is now available through the ultra-modern technology of “paper”!

I am actually ridiculously proud of this. It’s still not as good as getting signed by a publisher or agent, but damned if it isn’t a good step regardless.



(Not available right this second in the UK, but should be in the next few days… I blame Brexit)
(It is available in the UK now… but I still blame Brexit for the delay)

Anyway! Shipping to Canada is a little on the expensive side (nothing I can do about that, since Print on Demand books are only done through the “major” hubs like USA and UK), but for American or British readers, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Also, if anyone does end up reading and enjoying the book, I’d really appreciate a review on whichever Amazon you use. Really helps small creators like me!

Okay, that’s it for now! Thanks so much, folks!