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That looks legit. Is it similar to snakes and ladders?

I’m pretty sure the best game I ever invented was Throw-all-my-toys-out-o-my-cot. Great game.


It was definitely inspired by Snakes bad Ladders. But there is much more story in this one. You don’t simply fall or climb, you take ride from a friendly fisherman or stay one turn to see a play in the theatre, or get extra roll from a gold fish and weird things happen near the witch’s hut (depending what you roll)!

Sound fun, I should try it!


That is adorable! Scan it and do something like a dropbox to other people here, we could help you playtest it!


Made some post about Coimbra and Dice Hospital


I’ve just been through tech week and opening weekend for my latest production. I’m performing in the musical SIDE SHOW in Williamstown, Melbourne, Vic, Australia (so I doubt any of you would be able to come along and see it)

I’m really proud of this one and we are getting good reviews!

Here’s me as the three-legged man

And the rest of my lovely bunch of freaks


I am so glad I gave you that title. Once again, I think you have Won the Internet.

Believe me, if I could cross two hemispheres just to see that, I would.

If you have any video that would be awesome (I haven’t found anything, myself).


They exist but for rights reasons can’t be published, sorry!


NOOOOOO!!! :sob::sob::sob:


Wait I forgot we have actual production stills I can share! (I’ll see if I can get you a clip of something :wink:)

Photos be here


Hi everyone. I wasn’t sure if this was better here or in it’s own thread, but I didn’t want my first post on the forum to be a self (well, friend) promotional thing if that’s frowned upon.

Two of my friends are opening a board game cafe in Dublin. They’re currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Fundit.ie and they have a Facebook community and Twitter. They’re also looking for feedback on the board gaming scene in Dublin, possible locations, ideas etc.

Dublin’s been famously a bit light on board game cafes - there’s plenty of cafes and pubs who are happy for people to bring their own games but (so far) not a big, proper, dedicated board game cafe with tons of its own games - so this is a big opportunity to start something cool for board game fans in the city. Look, even Syrio Forel from Game of Thrones gave them his seal of approval!

Thanks all.


Oh hello, it’s me again looking to shop my daily wares.

So you might know my website where I interview board game artists, but did you know I’ve been doing some product photography too (I mean why would you)? Osprey Games contacted me a few months back and I’ve been taking some photos, learning and really enjoying it. Here’s a few examples.

I even made a new product photography page on my website on my website if that’s your sort of thing.



My name is Kelvinkit. I am a designer from Hong Kong.

Recently I have created a KICKSTARTER Project called “TRICK OR TREE” , it is a Handmade Magnetic Wooden Blocks Toy & Game.

Welcome to have a look in our kickstarter page : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kelvinkit/trick-or-tree-handmade-magnetic-wooden-blocks-toy?ref=discovery


It is a Cognitive Activity Game, design in 4 playing features: Color, Shape, Number, and Balance. Can also be Creative Artwork for Decoration. Through “Trick or Tree”, children can learn while playing with the blocks; elderly can exercise their brain through the game; adults can challenge one another with witty calculations and tactics.

And if you like it, please help sharing this Kickstarter project !!

Although its my first time in Kickstarter Campaign, i really hope this project can be success, this game is so unique and can benefit to many users.

Kickstarter Campaign period: Oct 31st to Dec 31st, 2018



Kelvinkit Design Co. Ltd.

[email protected]


Let’s go back to our roots and re-connect with our loved ones by Trick or Tree


I had to move your post here (it was flagged, but don’t worry about it @kelvinkit, you’re not in trouble).

I checked out the KS page and it looks pretty danged cool! I would (as always) encourage other folks here to check it out, too.

(It was just flagged because it was in the wrong place and had way too many links).

EDIT: Full disclosure: I backed it, no rewards, because it thought it looked cool and hope to see it on US shelves someday.


Love your stuff 8)


Thanks @Tadd31!


My thoughts on our first game of Pandemic: Fall of Rome. I’m still peeved that we weren’t the FIRST team to beat Fall of Rome on Legendary difficulty. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh, timely as the Shux preview that just went up on YouTube got me interested. I hadn’t realised it was Paolo Mori - Dogs of War and Ethnos are two of my favourite games. And it’s different enough that I can justify getting it when my friend has normal Pandemic :smiley:

It looks pretty too!


Paulo Mori has some great range.

I really like Augustus and libertaria. I’m tempted just because his names on the box.


As suggested in another thread, I thought I’d share my project here as well.

I created a board game recommendation engine base on the BoardGameGeek user ratings. Head over to https://recommend.games/ and try it out - just type your BGG user name into the field on the top and you’ll see personal recommendations based on your BGG ratings!

This is still a very early version, so any comments are appreciated…



This is a dream comes true…wanted something like this for ever. The system is sending me some of my own collection but love the added filter but it seems to rump up the difficulty at 3. Keep it up this is going to be the go to site for tons of people…get some ads in there… @Markus