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Shameless self promotion - blogs, bands, businesses, and creative projects


I clicked on it! It’s a cool design.


Shameless self propmotion!

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, as long as there’s something brand new and it’s not a new post every week. This is more to get members’ initial attention, not a regular advertising thing.

It helps us separate the spammers from the legit people (good people, like yourself, and everyone else who’s posted here) who want to tell us about their thing. It’s both a good blow-off valve to avoid members feeling like they’re being spammed, and a place where we can learn about and get interested in (and possibly throw money at) other members’ jobs.

We really are interested in each other’s projects, I’ve spent money on stuff people have put here (book, game, music, still waiting for a movie!) As long as anyone doesn’t clog up this thread, it should be fine if you post every once in a while for the same thing.


No worried, the last thing I want is been banned from this awesome group… but same here, I love to see what people are up to, some many creative folks out there…


Shameless spousal promotion!

My wife and our friend Stowe just launched their latest kickstarter for Sidekick Quests, a tabletop RPG (with ongoing webcomic built in) targeted at introducing RPGs to kids and their families. If you were at SHUX you may have seen us demoing and selling the first book/module on Indie Ave, and the new Kickstarter is for a second story module and a printed core rulebook.

(If you’d like me to do some SELF-promotion, I can tell you that I did produce the audio track for their video, and lent my voice acting skillz to the hopping redcaps. Myah!)


Myah, indeed! That looks cool!

(Also, very fine voice acting and audio. I have to admit, I know nothing about audio production, I’m not qualified to have an opinion, but the voice acting was great.)


Thanks! The voice over is the designer/artist’s daughter, who is I think 12 or 13. Most of the audio comes from a very convenient “nature textures” keyboard in my recording software. One “note” is wind through the trees, another is tweeting birds, another has some thunder and another has some howling.


Not actually me…

Rob was my control at the blood and thunder mega game and he’s started creating Patreon constructed scenarios and characters for RPGs. It’s a ridiculously low price for a 3000 word source book every month.


Hey guys. I started a blog about me being opinionated about games. Did my first one which is Reef. Hopefully I get more done before the Essen hype dies down.

The Last Game on the Left


Awesome first review! I’m now following your blog.

I finally did my write-up of the Terraforming Mars digital game on Steam. It’s wonderful, but with a few issues (the game, not my review, which I’ve been very touched at some of the positive reaction to actually)


Here is a link to my game (check it out):

You and all your friends gather around the table to play. You have looked forward to this all week, craved another game ever since the last one ended, and finally you get to break out the deck and have some fun. Every once in a while, a card game comes along and captures imaginations in a way that other games simply do not. Ready Set Battle is poised to become the next such card game, bringing together people and generating hours upon hours of wild, zombie-infested fun.

The premise of the game is straightforward: you play as either the zombies or the human. If you are playing with the human deck, you must do everything you can do to defend against the zombie attacks, and if you are the zombies, you try to stage larger and more powerful attacks on each turn. Ready Set Battle is easy to learn but takes a zombie lifetime to master.


My second novel is now available through Amazon for purchase! Yay!




I’m really proud of this story, and hope a few of you check it out! Still no word from the women I’d like to be my agent(s) on Novel 3, but that’s okay! The gears continue to grind.


I bought it.
(I mean, come on, it’s basically a $3 sci-fi paperback, which is right up my alley, and a fun read.

I just wish it was an actual paperback, @Marx09. Yes, I know that’s problematic, at least digital books will never be remaindered).


Impressive! I know quite a few people who talk about writing a book. Some of them are actually good writers or poets, but they never finish their work, it’s never good enough. But most people don’t even start writing (like me),they just keep talking about it. Respect, @Marx09! The theme is not my cup of tea exactly, but I’ll definately check it out! .:rocket:



Would you be able to write out a fake round, describing the disasters, what the players do, and what salvage does?
Having a timer and a no-talk rule feels like a lot of restrictions, but maybe that’s because I don’t have a great grasp on what is actually happening in a turn. A more detailed example round would help.
Do you have a specific vision for the board? What will us players be seeing there? Are the astronauts escaping a space station, or what are they progressing through?


I’m curious if anyone can solve it! Still working out some of the finer details for the game - but I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!

If anyone is interested in more details you can sign up for our PnP on our website:

EDIT: The images are placeholder as I’m still in the process of getting original art.


Looks like you can do 6 damage.

1 Mana to Pressure for 1 damage
1 Mana to Last Shot for 1 damage
2 Mana to Time Steal, recover the Mana from the other spells
1 Mana to Pressure for 1 damage
1 Mana to Last Shot for 3 damage


@colebanning and @COMaestro, (and anyone else), if you want to set up a private convo to help develop this and test-play, do it! Invite your friends that are here! Let any mod/admin know if you need help setting it up (it’s shockingly easy).

It seems like COM already has a good handle on what colebanning has given us (COM’s good like that), so invite friends to private messaging for playtesting here, I’m sure it would be beneficial.


I’m based in Toronto but was at SHUX. If there’s another testing event, let me know!


I posted my monthly “new to me” games post for October.

Nine new games! Not a record, but still pretty good.

Teotihuacan definitely the winner for the month. I wish it would actually get shipped to me so I can get my own copy!


Here’s a game called Messenger. I made it when I was 8-ish. I still play it sometimes, but always lose…