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Selling Unwanted Games/ Buying Secondhand

I’ve got a few games that are coming to the table less often these days and would be interested in offloading them. I don’t think they’re of any real value (eg Imhotep, Terror in Meeple City) Is there a good place to sell in the UK, or is ebay the best option?

Secondly, what about buying secondhand?

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Maths trades will generally get you a better return in games than asking for money.

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The Board game trade & buy UK Facebook group is great for buying and selling second hand. I wouldn’t dismiss resale value. Sell at 70% of the cheapest price of boardgameprices.co.uk and it’ll probably sell. For best courier prices, send by royal mail if under 2kg, and myhermes (print in store is a lot cheaper than booking online) if above.

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I did a three way trade on the forums here last year… Not a maths trade, just a triangle of people sending the game they were offloading to one of the three and receiving the game they wanted from the other one.

The thread was here though it’s not been active since last year. Worth a punt anyway, to either resurrect or start a similar one. Anyway, I’ll stop replying to you now as it’ll look like I’m stalking you! :slight_smile:

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Likewise I normally ping my old games here first, not usually for a lot more that postage and a bit, but I know they will be loved…

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I’ve had some luck selling on Facebook marketplace, as well as a local FB group (mine’s called “Edmonton board game buy and sell”, but there might be one in your area too)

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It depends if your priority is getting value or getting rid.

The downside of math(s) trades is that you don’t free up shelf space, although the upside is that you tend to get better value in return.

I also found that to use the UK games trade Facebook group, you had to have a pretty thick skin, because it seemed to be full of people with no desire to do any trading but to berate sellers’ offerings instead.

My other difficulty is that I know that I’m simply not organised enough to deal with the admin of postage and packaging. I’ve been toying with the idea of listing things on BGG Marketplace but again the admin puts me off. Which is silly, I know, because I’ve bought dozens of second hand games online.

My preferred method is to take my games to bring-n-buy sales at conventions.

There’s nothing stopping you doing a mixture of all of the above of course.

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They’ve gotten a lot better at policing this recently. I haven’t seen many comments on prices at all in the last few months, even when the asking price is blatantly over the top.

The comments now typically come when someone says sonething false - usually someone claiming a game is out of print (with a price to match) when it’s not. But even then, it’s very civil and the price isn’t the thing in question.

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I’m not sure what I want tbh. I have a few games that very rarely come out, including a couple I doubt will ever see the light of day again. I have a constant list of about 10-15 games I want but I’m not going to pick them up in a trade for what I want to get rid of.

It’s hard, 2 games specifically I don’t play much are Dead of Winter and Imhotep, but I bought them both for a reason and have enjoyed playing them. The idea of getting rid of them doesn’t appeal, but the shelves are very full.