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Selling 2 Extra Tickets

Hi all-

If anyone has a lead on someone who still needs a ticket I ended up with an extra two and we’ve passed the cutoff for a refund so I’m hoping to find a buyer. It’s easy enough to transfer them for pickup and I’ll be there to handle payment in person or I have Venmo etc.




Should note that if you have someone in mind who you really wish was going but who just can’t quite afford the full price, I’m flexible. Would obviously prefer to recoup some of the the cash but will gladly consider board games in trade or great craft coffee beans / beer etc!


Update: just 1 left (yay!)

Thanks again for any leads.

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I also have one under basically the same conditions. I would much rather you came to the convention than recoup my costs.


I’ll just hop on here too, I guess. Friend had to bail, so we have one ticket. I know money is tight for him, so he’d rather recoup the costs, but I’m more than willing to make up whatever (or all) difference if it means someone can come.

But definitely take @Westmontman then @plirr’s tickets first.

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Just bought the ticket off my friend to make things easier, so if anyone needs a ticket, let me know after you’ve hit up @Westmontman and @plirr first.

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*Update: The community came through, I’ve got both Tickets covered in my end!

(Just waiting on final email confirmation from an understandably busy SU&SD registration team…which, heads up, you’ll want to contact ASAP when you find a taker for the remaining outstanding tickets or need to update your own ID address etc)

I’ll keep my eyes out for anyone else who may want a ticket and if they reach out to me I’ll fwd them along to you both Plirr and Prime!

Also there’s still hope they sell out which will help the cause and mean a full & fun weekend. :crossed_fingers:


Nice, glad you found takers for both yours.

I’ll also note there’s another person with a ticket who posted here: One SHUX ticket for sale

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As far as I can tell, he hasn’t gotten a bite yet but could use one.

This year, everyone’s been super-cool about not scalping and being fair with tickets they can’t use. Let’s try to support our members. Clicky on that guy’s link, you might be able to get it at a discount ^


Were there issues with scalping last year? My feeling is, as much as I’d like to recoup the cost, it’s a wasted ticket if someone doesn’t take it.

And if getting it at a discount, or for free, means someone else can use it, that’s better than it going to waste.

Yeah. I just mentioned we don’t support scalping, and the dude (who was a member for one day) went off on me, and also the other members who said, basically, “hey, guy, all Justin said is we don’t support it.”

It wasn’t a big deal, it’s long over, the topic’s gone, we haven’t had a noticeable problem since then.

This is generally the nicest, most agreeable, and fairest communities I’ve ever encountered. We’re also pretty good at self-policing. Most of my flags are automated from the system, but a few of the ones that get through to me are from members who are much better at flagging Turing-test spammers, bots, trolls, and griefers.

Sure, some people get competitive (we ARE gamers, after all), but because we’re gamers, we know that there are rules. Without that, there isn’t a game, and where’s the fun in that?

So, we’re competitive, but rarely rude, and no one cheats (except for the aforementioned trolls/spammers, etc). Perfect.


More tickets for sale: 2 SHUX Tickets $250USD

Update, my extra ticket is taken.

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TLDR: I still have 1 ticket for sale for whatever you think is fair ~150+tax

Awesome. I also ended up with two pull outs, but hadn’t updated here, haha. Just got one spoken for with a local reddit post. Incidentally, if someone is coming from the Spokane area they are probably welcome to join our roadtrip and maybe our hotel sitch.

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Hopefully you can find a taker.

Sorry I queue jumped on you, but ended up just giving it to someone at a steep discount, and though I told them to talk to you first, I realized they probably were hesitant to ask a stranger for a super discounted ticket.


That “awesome” was definitely NOT sarcastic. I truly want anyone to come. And they can take advantage of our tickets, then please do.
To me the money is already spent. It’s the same as Kickstarters to me.


That was my feeling on it too. Also, didn’t think it was sarcastic, just felt bad since you posted before me.



@plirr is the ticket still available? I’m interested, but not smart enough to figure out how to send PMs on this forum.

Click on their screen name within a post, or name/avatar in their own post, to see their profile, click on “Message” in the upper right.