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Selfie Thread!


Could be? I’m not very good with recognising faces


2nd and 3rd are JK Rowling and Stephen King?


Ahh that would make sense. Before it was a game cafe it was another cafe with a “writers room” upstairs


Has anyone ever seen Stephen King and John Major in the same room?


Taken on holiday in the UK, this is apparently the only selfie I took this year.


Thanks for the extra photo @Hammond!

@tika Nailed it! But it… did look a bit like John Major…




I’m again going to take liberties with the selfie format to share my promotional photo for a musical that I’m in. I’m in a production of Side Show which opens tomorrow night :sweat_smile: if anyone in bottom right corner of Australia wants to come and see me as a man with an extra appendage…


Hammond, you should put it here, too, and add a link there.

That’s…that’s…I have no words, but I want to see more.


Hey it’s not a selfie but it is me (2nd from the right), on the No Pun Included music quiz panel at SHUX.

I got to be of absolutely no use whatsoever and it was great.


Too bad we do not have one of you as your wrestling persona…


Believe it or not that was my very first RPG. Obviously the way we played it was incredibly light but if I hadn’t been looking through a manual that was 160 pages long that I didn’t really need to learn at all I could have contemplated a costume of some sort!
Mad Merlin will return… somewhere at least.
But if anyone has a photo… please share it!


Nonsense, that chair you are sat on would have been a blight and an eyesore without you parked in the way!

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I am sick and fell asleep on a couch. When I woke up my hair was attempting to flee. Enjoy!


Leave-in conditioner, man.


Not exactly a selfie, my son pushed the shutter on this one. But one of our members, @Tadd31, designed this shirt and posted it in Shameless Self Promotion, I thought I’d put it out here.

Also, I really need to shave my neck, but the rest of the beard is awesome.


Yes! You will be the first one on our runway show at UKGE…


Since it’s de rigeur to comment on glasses, and you can’t do it yourself, here goes.

Whilst you glasses suit you fine, I can’t help by think that wireframe mock tortoise shell cat frames would suit you better. Your lenses are clearly heptafocals to correct for you astigmatism in the left eye and extreme shortsightedness. Perhaps empty frames would suit you better though?


I have no astigmatism, I’m just getting old. I’m neither very myopic nor dystopic. My lenses are (now) progressive, my doc told me I have great visual acuity but could benefit from the lenses. (I used to be primarily myopic).

(and I’m sorry if I go on and on about glasses and contacts sometimes, I come from a long line of opticians, my uncle Tony (Anthony Salvatori) apparently invented the first bifocal contact lens. I know this sounds like bullsh-t, but I only found out when I looked it up on Google. I found his patent, for one of the glass contacts, that had a tiny little weight in one end that kept the contact lined up. Eventually, plastic contacts became a thing and no one cares anymore).

EDIT: Also, @adrian, I do think that tortoise shell would be better. I need a change of frames. (But not empty. And not cat, what is this the 90s?).