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Selfie Thread!


I’m kinda new, so might as well post something. Ofc MinuteWalt dragged me in here (ow, rope burn, you didn’t have to tie it so tight. I promised I wasn’t gonna run…)

Well here it is

It’s me and my…OH wrong pic

Silly pic at work with the Scotland Yard visor. I work at a board game cafe, and ocassionally write blog posts that highlight games to try to drum up some publicity.

Also it hides my eyes that are tired from trying to get 2 play by forum games going (I’m obsessed I tell you!)


Not a selfie, but I don’t care! Today I went to Thought Bubble (UK comic convention, part-run by Clark Burscough who SU&SD fans will know as Quinns’ lawyer in podcast #79) and met Si Spurrier for the third time, which meant I got to show him my new tattoo :smiley:


@JDPftw yes, I do that. I was raised as a cowboy, so I tend to solve all my issues with lassos. (Which is an obvious lie, but I do know how to lasso! because I’m a nerd and I just learn things I’m curious about, like lock picking and manual transmission and HTML and marine biology). I did use the soft rope, though!


@bruitist Even before I read the text, I was like, “isn’t that bruitist’s beard?” I don’t know why. It’s practically like a fingerprint.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Si’s picture before. I’m in love with his shirt. (I have a collection of Hawaiian and other florid shirts. I’m not entirely sure why).

I like the ink, man. Thanks for not posting it all red and fresh (that’s something I would do). What’s on your shirt? I swear I know that but I can’t place it.


Kelly Marie Tran (as Rose Tico, but the important thing is that it’s KMT).


Thank you! That was bugging me so much.

(On another note: Whyyyyy??? Rose was so awesome! The writers almost killed her!
Also, KMT got so many racist and sexist attacks online, that’s bonkers. That whole thing was totally unexpected, for me. Holy cow, what a curve ball. Leave that cute lady alone, jerks.)


I really miss her Instagram :frowning: It was always just lovely posts full of positivity and her geeking out about various things.


@Hammond OMG, you guys look amazing! I hope you didn’t steal newlyweds’ thunder!

I should try it with my hubby, if you don’t mind, it’s just the cutest thing I saw today. And I saw a baby earlier in the morning!

@bruitist nice tattoo, bro! I love the shading.


Your hat made me think of my favourite hat, that I inherited from my mother in law. She got it somewhere in Africa? It’s older than I am!


Definitely better than mine! Mine’s just a boring flat cap that i bought online. Though it is made of bamboo!


Like this?




Did someone say hats?! I have a new one! Behold!!


Noice! I think it really suits you, that’s a keeper.

(EDIT many hours later: I just re-read my response. I know I’m often flippant here, and it’s hard to convey tone of voice in text, but I honestly do like that hat. I didn’t want anyone to think I was joking or being sarcastic. It’s really the best one I’ve seen on your head. It just…works.
And I’ve seen a few from here. And I’ve watched your videos, man!)


Thought I should toss this up so at SHUX there can be an IRL-to-Forum point of reference.


You failed to mention that you’re New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist. :stuck_out_tongue:


in this house we formally don’t acknowledge the existence of the New York Rangers since 1994.




My good friend, Ella, and I hunkered down in the only (good) board game café in Melbourne on Friday night. We had a blast, played through many many games – was nice not to play a lot of not-new games for a change so we could just jump in! – and stayed until we were the only ones left at midnight with the sole remaining staff member. We are hardcore.


@simian Holy carp, that is one handsome photo. Congrats on the excellent beard.
@Hammond Who are the people on the wall? Tarantino, ??? and John Major?