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Selfie Thread!


Forget about it.

(Or, as we say in mobster movies, which is where I’m from now apparently, since I said “we,”

We can all see who’s replied to whom, progression is more important in the PBF threads. Elsewhere it’s all mixed up.


I feel I must add: an optician is not a doctor, the doctor would be your optometrist (who examines/diagnoses you and writes your lens prescription) or an ophthalmologist (who can also perform surgery and prescribe a wider variety of medication).

Opticians are technologists who (hopefully) have fashion sense. We fill the prescription, sometimes (in my case) can grind/tint/fit/center/adjust/repair the lenses and frames, and fit you with frames that look good. We tend to have an aversion to contact lenses, because having a proper pair of glasses is a lot like having nice clothes, only for your face (and also there’s better visual acuity).

(Sorry everyone, pedantry is over! I’ll go back to being silly.)


My sister is back home after 5 years working for NGOs in Zambia (recently she was running an NGO for pregnant women and children who are HIV+) so to celebrate her return we went for a lovely walk in our home county Cumbria, aka The Lake District. The weather couldn’t have been better!

That body of water behind us is Loweswater.

We sat on the grass side eating homemade chocolate brownies before realising there was a perfectly positioned bench further up the hill.

Pretty good views!


Loweswater! Lovely area - I am up near there in a couple of weeks with a Gold DofE group.


Fingers crossed you catch a lucky break with the weather then! I know from my 18 years growing up there that it’s more miss than hit.


Wow! You’re a Cumbrian! Nice to know there are (at least) two of us on here!

I grew up in Barrow, which of course meant I never really visited the Lake District - it was too close. :wink:

Anywho - back to the selfies folks!


I only know how to take one selfie. As you will soon learn.

I dye my hair often. This was more of a test than anything. I plan on taking it dark tonight so will post how that turns out!


If you’re going to make it dark, you should make it loudly dark. Like india ink.
Or blackberry (you get a hint of color).

(I’m sorry I’m still going on about Kool-Aid packets and DIY and pretending to be young again. @MrJackdaw’s right, let’s post some photos.)


Sat watching Frozen at 5am cos my son thinks sleep is for the weak


I thought this was a landscape picture at night! Like maybe a rock formation on the horizon.

I clicked on it and put my face really close to the screen and, like one of those magic eye images, your face appeared.

That’s enough internet for tonight.


I know, I had to do that too! You can see it emerge!

It’s also kind-of like one of the Easter Island statues with a beard.


In keeping with the theme of dark selfies. Also good for covering all the sweat from not being made for Mediterranean summer…


What a lovely photo, very picturesque part of the world.

I walked up and down Helvellyn about 11 years ago. I still ache today.


On the wedding bus to celebrate the union of a gorgeous couple. (Also board gamers!)


And you beat the Celadon Gym! What a great day!


I like to show off my acheviements!


Fantastic. The tie, the pin, the glasses, the hair… seriously, if you didn’t already have the title of “Won the Internet Today,” you would now.


And you hadn’t even seen the pants and matching couple outfit yet!

[Disclaimer: not a selfie :wink: ]


OMFG that’s possibly the greatest thing I’ve seen in at least three years! You’re killing me, :rofl:

That really is fantastic. “Won the Internet Today,” indeed.


Words fail me.

Absolutely fabulous!

Ok, words didn’t fail me!