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Selfie Thread!



Ha ha. This was not from children… :frowning:




I’ve been ordered to put this here by threat of banning (you can probably guess the culprit…)

Me and my ‘Russell’ lookalikey cake


I’m rolling on the floor, this is awesome! :rofl: Thanks for putting this out for the rest of us, my friend. (Withdraws ban-hammer)


The good thing is you look better than all of these guys.


My sister got married at a zoo today and the heat was crazy. So we went to hang out in the cool penguin facility!


I hate to tell you this, twisp, but that adorable little girl has a penguin growing out of her head!


It’s a Canadian thing. Happens to all 8 year olds. It’s when we hit puberty and the moose start to sprout that it’s really a problem.


What happened to your beard???


(I think it was on his head for a little while. He had an amazing explosion of hair, you may have to scroll up a bit to see it. It was almost legendary.)


Update… from last month me and the boy deciding what to watch at Fringe;


@MrJackdaw I like those frames, the shape fits your face well. The color pairs well with your hair and eyes, too.

(Myopic in the right, astigmatism in the left? (there’s strong reflex in the left lens, it reflects your “temple,” which is either due to heavy myopia or astigmatism)? Sorry, this has been a guessing game for me whenever I see someone with glasses on the Selfie Thread, I have a lot of opticians in my family and I love looking at people’s eyeglasses. There are other people here who’ve suffered me asking about their glasses, ask any of them.)

(My next guess is the boy needs a shave :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


Color faded pretty gosh-darned fast. Probably gonna re-dye it and cut it this weekend.


It looks a lot like your first post, Antonio (which is fine, it looks great now as it did then!)

But, when you had the color, it reminded me of the punk Kool Aid hair dye from when I was a kid (it’s a super effective and cheap colorant if you apply it properly, and may actually last longer than pro-dye.
I know way too much about punk hair. Don’t ask me about Elmer’s glue or toothpaste or mohawks or liberty spikes.)


OK Doc! (Although this is for my new frames)


I work in the oil industry and I’m bnot allowed much facial hair. It’s seasonal work so the beard flies north for the summer to find cooler temperatures and returns to my face with the snow.

… I hate shaving.


Wow, was I wrong, that’s a very simple scrip! It’s actually pretty rare for the left and right to be the same. I envy you.


You and me both, brother. Electric clippers are key.


I used to work construction, and had a similar affliction. I look like a precious wee infant without my beard, and Early Years Santa with it. You look great, though!

also shaving is abominable. i hate it so much, but electric does make it more bearable.

@MinuteWalt I don’t follow this thread close enough! I didn’t notice the progression! I’m so sorry!