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Selfie Thread!


That’s some seriously sustainable Dorian Gray shit, sir!


I generally don’t photograph all that well but, this be me :smiley:


I am rolling on the floor laughing. I won’t even use the emoji, it’s hard enough to type right now.


Ellaborate selfie alert :smiley:


That’s pretty bonkers @Wakeupjake, but also somehow soothing.


It wasn’t the worst day in work…although throwing that amount of money into the air is not very relaxing :slight_smile:


Is the drone yours?


It’s work’s, which adds another level of ‘don’t break it’ :slight_smile:


Boy oh boy, this thread is making me feel lusty as hell. Good job on your faces everyone.
Here’s my blurry addition!


I approve of you jumping straight on the selfie thread after joining the forums! :clap:


What can I say? I like looking at attractive people.


I approve your pins!


Thanks! I got them from the Pinheedz Etsy store :grin:


I went to MONA in Hobart, Tasmania on the weekend. I stood in a tunnel of light and took my own picture.


Hello there!
I’m Antonio, I’m new here but I figured why not put a face to a username:

And for good measure, here is a candid of one of my suite-mates:

Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more selfies and cat-pics and the occasional tabletop update: YourFlowerBoi


Thanks Antonio! I really like your style :clap:


My holiday photos consist mainly of pics of stray cats and animals at a wildlife park, but here’s one of me in a shirt my partner hates.

(The cuddly armadillo came from the wildlife park. He’s called Tex.)


I’m glad to hear you had fun, and that is an adorable 'dillo.

What is wrong with that shirt? Nothing! That’s an awesome shirt! I’d be proud to have that shirt in my collection right in with all the Hawaiians.

Anyway, I did notice your posts had dropped off, I was hoping you were out having fun someplace, so good on you two.


You’re totally rocking these lemons, man! I want this shirt too! :lemon:


You guys don’t have Primark in the US, right? It was very cheap (something like £7).