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Selfie Thread!


Today was a good day to trim my nose hair :+1:


It’s been a month without selfies. What is everyone doing? It’s most people’s summer so show me some fun outdoor stuff. Or indoor stuff. Faces!

Here is me with a lovely smashed avo. I was planning to post this along with the house I was going to buy at auction afterwards to show that I truly can have it all. Unfortunately I can’t because old people have more money in the bank than me.

As a bonus this is from Christmas in Ju(ne)ly where I am looking very unimpressed and out of focus. However I was actually very impressed and had wonderful wintery times with good friends back in my partner’s home-town. (Mt. Gambier, South Australia, for those playing at home).


That looks like a nice sandwich.


Does one slice of bread laid flat make a sandwich?


So the libs were right. The reason you didn’t have enough money was wasting it all on smashed avo sambos!


O my! This sandwich looks even better than your awesome frames! :avocado:


I was just $14 away from owning a house but I had to have one more. (Also to respond to @MrJackdaw I believe that one slice of bread does not a sandwich make…)


Went to a wedding and was wearing a suit, decided to pose like a nob.


Invisible billiards cue, +1 to sink it in a pocket

(Sorry, I’m in D&D mode today)


When I saw this in the notification email i was like “what?” Then came here and I was like “oh yeah…” :joy:


Looking sharp! I love the suspenders, you look like you can lindy hop. Can you?


Oh, that’s how nobs are meant to pose? I guess I’ve been doing it wrong all this time :frowning:


I’m pretty sure @mistercrayon has incorrectly defined himself as “nob.” You, however… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can’t be noble without being a nob! Or a Nobody! Or various other things with the letters N, O and B in the them!


Yes, where’s your latest selfie, nob?

(Imagine an emoji where I’m sticking my tongue out and going “pbtpbtpbtppbt!” I couldn’t find one that did that.)

I’m obvious provoking all of you when I say we haven’t had a real selfie in ages.

Come on you nerds, lets see more of your untraditionaly beautiful faces! There is no possible way I can look worse than you. (Unless one of my selfies has turned you off so much you can’t do it, I’m so sorry for my shameful horror-face!)


Here is my latest daguerreotype, taken on the occassion of my 49th birthjour:


I shave my beard off about once or twice a year. This is the first time in 2018 I think.



Ha! You look much younger than your avatar, and not only because of the missing facial hair, while @adrian looks much younger than his years! (although I suspect he might have cheated regarding his hair)
Young looking guys day!


I age directly into my beard then shave it off, thus keeping my youthful face.