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Selfie Thread!


Two things,

  1. How is it obvious you didn’t take it yourself? You could have totally lied to us, no one would have noticed. It’s at the perfect selfie arm’s legnth
  2. You’re now banned. (You’re not really banned)

“Real” selfie or not, that’s one of the best, most unusual ones we’ve gotten, I don’t think we have another underwater SCUBA photo here. Well played, @Benkyo!


Oh, is this one-upmanship selfie thread? Sorry, I didn’t realise.

Here’s one I took of myself when I was repairing the ISS.


I think @Boydesian has you beat.


Damn, I . . . er . . .

Boydesian has run rings around me.

/crickets chirp


. . . I’ll get my coat.


/pats on back
/shoves the hook from Night at the Apollo away

@adrian, I did call @Boydesian out back in 2016 for obviously having a point of view issue.

(Also, why do I remember these things from two years ago?)

(Edit, I also just realized there may be people who don’t get that “hook” reference.
Back when people did live stage acts in vaudeville, before television, if they were flopping but wouldn’t get off the stage, someone off-stage would get a large hook on a very, very long handle to forcefully remove them from the stage. This was popularized by televised performances at the Apollo theater, and later Loony Tunes cartoons (and even Tiny Toons). I’m a student of popular culture, I’m not actually 140 years old.)


[citation needed]


Considering you thought Australia was still part of Britain, I’m not so sure I believe this.


No, no. Yours is out of this world.


It seemed obvious to me because underwater photography is both very hard to do well* and requires expensive gear I do not own, but you are right, I totally could have got away with it.

(I dived once with a guy who borrowed (the same) camera and a) he sucked down his air in half the time of his previous dive and b) his pictures were terrible)


It’s still a Commonwealth nation! And that statement was about something I thought I knew about AC/DC from the 80s! I was still an idiot back then (yes, still an idiot now).

(EDIT: It’s particularly embarrassing because Brian Johnson has a house here. He used to do shows at some of the small venues around Sarasota for fun, sometimes surprising the band that was playing. I met him a couple of times, once at “The Five O’Clock Club” on Hillview (I am totally name-dropping here to support one of my favorite dive-bars, the “5-O,” as we call it, if anyone comes to SRQ) So yeah, I feel like a jerk).

While yours was out of the inner orbits of the Solar System and how many times must you be permanently banned for puns?

@Benkyo I do a lot of photography, and YES, doing it underwater is very problematic. There are so many factors, with lighting being a huge issue, not to mention just being able to hold the camera still for long enough in those lighting conditions. I think that’s even more important than waterproofing, which itself could ruin your entire equipment, but might hinder from getting the shot. And, yes! The gear is incredibly expensive (although in some places you can rent it, which is what we did. It probably saved us thousands).

(Edit: I just realized that the statement, “doing it underwater is very problematic,” could be on a very tacky t-shirt or bumper sticker.)

Anyway, I’m not really 140 years old. I’m just over twice that. Stop teasing me @Jagrafess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love summer, my favourite day of the year.

(terrible selfie, I know, but felt I should commemorate a blue sky and record it for history that it happened that one time)


Good choice of IPA!


“You love summer, your favourite day of the year” Which day is that?


I guess in @shaky_jk’s parts this one summer day is elusive like a shy animal and only shows up when least expected, so many people believe it’s nothing more than a legend. That’s why taking photo evidence is so important.


Pretty much :slight_smile:
Had a pretty good day yesterday tbf. Kid got outside playing with her friends all afternoon which gave me the uninterrupted time to clear up after having friends over for Eurovision.
Kicked back with a beer in the sun, chat with some friends that popped round for a bit; and then later, once little one was in bed, got the firepit lit for the wife and I to sit out with a glass of wine and work through a Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective case round the fire

Happy days


Here in Florida, I overheard the following exchange at the book shop I used to work at downtown:

A middle-aged man, clearly a transplant from up north, said “The one think I miss about (I think it was West Virginia?), are the changing of the seasons. In Florida, there aren’t any seasons, it’s just the one.”

Without skipping a beat, an elderly gentleman turned to this guy and said, “We have seasons! There’s early summer, mid-summer, late summer, and next summer!”

I didn’t expect that at all, that old guy had crack timing, and it floored me.


So this is one of +15 selfies I accidentaly made by playing air drum on my phone in a bus (happens all the time). :musical_note: Most of them are blurry or very, very unflattereing, but this one is uber cute! :bus: These colours and lines! I’ve cropped it a bit to frame it nicely :camera:


Nice inadvertent selfie!

What are the logos on your jacket? One looks like a flamingo (in flight, since it is sideways?) and then a drop of water with some label.


I think these are pins.
One’s this:

And I guess there are a lot of pink flamingo pins to choose from.

After looking at the pic again I realized the background is the bus roof, I first saw it and thought “that doesnt look like a bus at all.” :crazy_face:

And I agree it’s a great selfy.


It’s a tear, because you’re supposed to cry to sad songs (@webs good job, detective).

I have a pin for almost every occasion!