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Selfie Thread!


Cool glasses, but it’s the cat that wins the attention


That’s her job!


Low and behold A Teenager

Some bullshit

SUSD Forum Pics







Oh no its my rouge Mysterium copy! I am sorry that my friends and I dont play you but they just dont like you!


@casuistry I still like the eye patch glasses thing a lot, but you’re right, your cat totally wins.

@Cpt.Hodor It seems like you just got here, poor child! A life tragically cut short, you were murdered by a board game before your time. The candle that burns twice as bright, etc.

You will be mourned.


I don’t know, it looks rather blue to me. :wink:

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


The eyepatch glasses were just sunglasses that fell and broke on the sunniest day ever. Sigh. It was so sunny, and it was so painful on the walk home from that coffee shop.


It makes a super-cool avatar, though! When life gives you lemons, etc. lemonade.

(Actually, I hate that expression, I really like lemons. The juice and/or the zest are great for oysters, tapenade, Moscow Mules, cocktail sauce, gazpacho, pico de gallo, a nice cuppa and a sugar without milk, Italian ices, avgolemono, ceviche, Caribbean jerked chicken, and oh heck I have to go and get something to eat now.)



Guess who’s scunnered that it’s STILL snowing in April.


Hahahahaha, that’s so weird. :confused: I live in Florida. What is this, “snow,” that you speak of? I have no experience.


Not to be alarmist, but I think it might be slang for drugs? :astonished:


I do live in Florida, as I’ve said. I think I would have heard of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

(EDIT: contrary to what Miami Vice may have lead anyone to believe, we don’t undergo state-wide cocaine showers every spring. Most people here are actually pretty normal. Except for the few who aren’t, and they’re admittedly totally batsh!t crazy.)


Literally the second selfie I’ve ever taken.


Why do the pictures post sideways???
whatever just posting it anyway



Works for me (as long as I’m directly taking the picture to to post). But why do I look so tired? :thinking:

Btw, @Sagantine, I like your beard! Mine is too sparse so I end up having to shave regularly. :slightly_frowning_face:


It might be because it’s literally the second selfie you’ve ever taken. There may be some technical aspects you need to figure out (PM any of the mods for help. Or actually, almost anyone here would help, they’re all pretty friendly!)

I had to cross my eyes a little and turn my head sideways to see @Sagantine’s beard correctly, but it’s pretty epic.

So I want to say this to you, webs. For a very long time, I shaved everything except for my stupid goatee (on my cheeks, chin, and neck, that is! Let’s not get personal). Anyway, when I finally shaved that thing off, I found that the areas I wasn’t shaving were coming in more fully than the ones that I were. I was shaving those areas because I thought they were patchy, but as soon as I said “dammitall” they started coming in fine.

Eventually, especially when I was off my feet after the hurricane, I had a beard that would make an Amish man proud. Or, as I’ve stated above, a friendly homeless man.

As it is, though, man, you’re rocking the stubble. And, I also have to say, the hair. It looks like someone took two and a half hours to make it look so perfectly messy. Well played, my friend, well played.

(2018. The year we get grooming advice on a board gaming forum :laughing: )


Ah, did you take pictures of the Amish Goodness? Can’t remember seeing that.


I’m sorry, I didn’t get one before I went to a really amazing barbershop that still gives straight-razor shaves, with hot towels and everything. I had to sketch it out after the fact, in a hurry, and on MSPaint (I couldn’t get my normal art program to work on the tablet). Also, right-handed (I can use both hands, but the left would have been better).



Friendly homeless man with sharp :eyeglasses:!


I hadn’t gotten it to ZZ Top levels.


Not a “selfie”, because I obviously didn’t take it myself, but it is me at close range, under pressure (about 200 kPa), having just seen something very cool: