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Selfie Thread!


Okay this isn’t working gonna post a selfie here later.


Why do so many people have to post pictures with their glasses on? I just end up going into a downward spiral about their prescription. I’m guessing mild hyperoptic with a slight astigmatism in the left eye (or at least one eye if it’s not the left).

I’m sorry if I’ve already said this at some earlier point, my friend, I get a little strange with people’s glasses. I come from a long line of opticians.

That being said, nice selfie! Your hair is perfectly looking the way it should be as if someone spent an hour to make it look like no one did anything to it at all. Well done, man. Well done.


That is disturbing accurate!
My eyes are a tad wonky thus the need for glasses, I’ve worn them from the age of about 4. They did actually think that my eyes would correct themselves by the time I hit my late teens but clearly they weren’t taking into account how accustomed I am to underachieving in life.

I pride myself on having hair that looks almost identical whether I’ve just woken up or spent 12 hours styling it. As such you can imagine which one I go for. I also don’t own a comb as my hands apparently can’t help but restyle it every 20 minutes or so. Curls are a curse/blessing.


One of my eyes is bigger than the other, so my glasses always look wonky.

And I’m always making this face :crazy_face:


@Triangulate I’ve not gotten an accurate and correct precise prescription from looking at someone’s selfie, but I’ve been getting close. I may be in the wrong line of work (in tech support). I may need to take up the family business.

@bruitist I think it’s the epic beard that may be throwing you off. It has gravity because of it’s epicness, and gravity focuses light, so it might affect your vision. And the size of your eyeballs. One may appear smaller because it’s traveling in a different time-stream than the other. They’re really the same size, we’re just seeing them from different gravitational acceleration space-time reference points.

I know a great barber if you’re ever in Florida, who might be able to balance that out…


Good stuff! I think waiving on sefies should be a thing!

Also, high five! :raised_hand: Because I know the pains and blessings of having curly hair. You can lose a lot of time and money to fight your hair or just accept that curly hair do whatever they please.


Alrighty, I finally have that selfie for you guys. Though I never know what to do with myself in a selfie…it’s a quandary.


Why did that upload sideways?


Were you lying down when you posted it?


Not that I am aware of.


Were you in either central Russia, or the USA? See, the hosting site for SU&SD is in England, so only pictures from the UK are posted "Up"wards (relative position, and all that).

If you had posted from China, Japan, or Australia, the image would appear upside-down.

It is known.


Hmmm. I am in Canada, so I’m not sure if that counts as being in the USA or not. I know, as a Canadian, I think of my country as separate from the USA but there are many others who think we are just a suburb of the USA.

I’m not sure how that translates into hosting sites and their prejudices.


Here’s me wearing the traditional clothes for my personality.



Oh Justin, @MinuteWalt , By the way…
what do you think of these…


they are a friend’s, and I kind am looking for a more rounded frame maybe not that far down (my cheeks are not nearsighted, my eyes are) and i n a lighter brown colour, my current ones are black.


:rofl: I know what you mean as far as region and hosting, there is a very distinct difference.

However, that reminds me of a video poll of both Canadian and US college students (university students! These were people who were accepted into higher-learning institutes!) where they asked, “Canada is being asked to become a part of North America, what do you think about that?” Most of them never even batted an eye (not all of them, thank god), but agreed (or even disagreed!) that Canada should become a part of North America.

They didn’t try that with Mexico, but I’d love to see those results.


Why do you people keep pulling me in?!?!

The eyeline is too low on those frames. I’d find something that doesn’t have the lenses drop that low on your cheekbones. You do have a good face for round frames, you tend to want rectangular frames for people with round or teardrop faces, and round ones for people with heart-shaped and rectangular faces.

You have a broad jaw, and a high forehead, both of which are very masculine, but soft features, which indicate sensitivity, so you want a sharper, more cut frame.

I would recommend a slightly smaller eyesize, higher up on the bridge a little, and slightly less rounded frames. Round frames are good for you, though, just not quite that round. Experiment with frameless, or at least, “framless” glasses where the frames are made with thin modern metals (the way they cut the lenses are similar to frameless glasses, but your prescription would allow the frameless cut in the edges of the lenses to grind them to fit in that kind of frame).

I would not recommend rectangular frames, they would make you look like Sasha Nein from Psychonauts (to contrast, because I have more of a teardrop/oval face, when I used to shave my head, wearing round frames would make me look like Major Arnold Ernst Toht from the first Indiana Jones movie).

Dammit, anyone bringing up opticianry again will be hearing from me in a very stern, but hopefully helpful, PM. Honestly I’ve brought this upon myself. I’m so sorry for derailing this thread yet again talking about glasses.

(PS: also stay away from ornamentation, unless it’s subtly back on the temples. It’s distracting in men’s glasses, for some reason. Some women and Elton John can pull it off, it’s best just to leave it alone. DO go for two-tone frames (inside/outside colors) where the contrast of an inner color makes people look at your eyes without realizing it.)


That woman behind you is totally checking you out.

And who can blame her? Meroooow! :heart_eyes:


And those are terrible frames for her…nooooooooooooooooo stop pulling me in!


So we need a separate MinuteWalt Frames Advice Selfie thread?


NO! I am not an optician. Maybe I should be one, but I’m very happy with my little tech support life. Let’s move on to having people share their nerdy faces with us!


Well so I have grown old and my eyes have melted or something and now I need to wear glasses. Or… I get to wear glasses!

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