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Selfie Thread!


Thank you, it’s seeing things like this that makes me feel better about Hurricane Irma :rofl:

Also, as always, it is good to see you, @bruitist.


Alright, not posting another selfie, but this seems the best place to put this.

I love you lot! This place is the most supportive and pleasant forum I think I have ever visited. Thanks for being great people!



Man…you’re making it hard for me to not cry right now damnk i;cant s3ee the keyb0oinkjrd to typ3e porpprly…
… aw f it: :heart:


I may have pressed the “like” button on your post, but rest assured that is only because there is no “Roast slowly over flames” option.


At work I was somewhat rankled that I was relegated to working in the store cupboard, but it’s great to have no interruptions because no one knows where to find you!

IMG_2906 (2)


The internet privacy person in me shudders at the amount of selfie data you have just revealed, but I am old fashioned I guess.

So, got any solo games on the shelves in there to while away the time?


Haha, as someone that has a fairly unique name I am not hard to track down (also I have an e-footprint back 20 years now so it’s too hard to clear it all up) anyway. I do appreciate the concern though!

I actually do have a copy of Mint Works in my bag!


Good to know, that storage room has great shelves for a few boardgames.

I must admit that the Sherlock Holmes in me started to analyse the picture, and once I noticed one thing I couldn’t stop!.

“Surely you perceived Watson, the enlargening of the eyes relative to the face, clearly giving away the sightedness of the subject via the spectacles. One would normally associate the unshaven jowls as indicative of a slovenly demeanor, but note the care taken with the coiffure? Clearly the individual takes pride in their appearance and the lack of a shave is neither due to parsimony nor sloth. Furthermore, I deduce that the individual is named Hammond and works in a cupboard as a radiation therapist for Austin Health care at the Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre in Victoria, Australia!”

“Holmes that is incredible, how did you glean all of that from a toenail clipping?”


Not me! But this made me smile today.



I guess with Quinns moving, he’s finally been able to make his escape.


It’s so cool to put so many faces to names so here’s me :slight_smile:

I always look woozy.

I particularly like how I rock my hFsX8PozxXV ers. :stuck_out_tongue:
(take 2)


Those purple frames are the bomb!


I got sick of waiting for the weather to warm up, so I just went ahead and cut my hair anyway. Bonus cameo by part of my games collection.



@bruitist you are brutal, as always (in a good way!) Your beard is epic.


Hello everybody! :cactus: I’m not good at selfies!

Introduction Thread!

Hi @Anita!
I would have to disagree! That’s pretty danged good.


The ceiling and I. Me waving, omg, who’s waiving on selfies?? Anyways, thanks for kind words!


It’s great! It’s a lot better than many of my own. Anyway, welcome to the club!


Since my “selfie” was of kangaroos, you seem to have a better grasp of the concept than I do :stuck_out_tongue:



Waving back only seems polite.

See, all the cool kids* are doing it!

*neither cool, nor youthful enough to be deemed a kid.