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Selfie Thread!


I am grateful to you for such a detailed and useful advice! I was hoping to hear this expert opinion, so it’s much easier for me. I’ll think about buying a simpler camera for a start. You are very kind!


Having started out with a “real film” camera, this is good advice. In the digital age with infinite pictures, I see that many people are very lazy about such things. You know you can just fire off a dozen snaps and one will probably work out well. But when you only had 24 on a roll you actually spent time thinking about framing, direction of the shot with respect to the sun, placing subjects in frame and so on. There was nothing worse than 2 weeks later excitedly opening your pictures only to find they were all rubbish.

@BonnieSnyder Watch out for cameras with “digital zoom” - it’s not really adding anything you can’t do cropping on the computer later.

Even with a basic camera you can get good results.

Bonus “selfie”! I call this one “A picture of Adrian, gray”. This is taken on top of Taranaki in New Zealand. There was a cloud bank on this side of the mountain, but an hour later we walked on a different part of the mountain in full sun! The picture is actually in colour, you can just see the faint green in the leaves of the tree on the right. Right click and “View image” for best effect.



It’s funny, isn’t it in the digital age, on the one hand, the gear is so accessible, that you see amazing pictures that would have never been made without the technology on everyone’s phone, but on the other, it’s much harder to find anything under the deluge of pictures!

It always makes me laugh when someone I know sees a picture I took - usually when they took a similar one and asked me, and then sound amazed “Why do yours look so good”. Would you ask any other person this, Hey Doctor, why are your stitches better than mine, hey author, why is your writing more compelling than mine. And then you try to explain, and watch them glaze over before your eyes!


If I go on a holiday now I sit down afterwards and crop, adjust and straighten all the photos so they are the best they can be. Then I will (one day) ruthlessly cull down from 1000-2000 to maybe 100-200 of the best for a month or two’s holiday.

I don’t know anyone else who even bothers to do any sorting or editing or culling at all, so I kinda assume they just float around after on the hard drive never to be looked at again :slight_smile:


I’ve got to admit, my culling involves putting it onto a backup drive, I can’t delete them, I just can’t do it, but I got into video, for work reasons, and one of the things I love about it is that shooting raw video is like being back to those film days, you’ve got an hour, for the day, so you’ve got to be so careful with your shots. My camera is a pain in the backside to review or do anything with old shots, so deleting them just isn’t an option, and honestly, being so restricted is liberating, artistically!


Yeah, by “culling” I mean “Having a separate folder with the best photos from a trip in it” :smiley:


OK I just checked lightroom, and apparently it’s been 3 years since I didn’t just save a custom search! But still, effectively culled is the same, right?.. right?


Riiiiiigggh . . … .t.

For me the whole process of going through and editing and culling is important because it lets me enjoy the photos, make the best of them and teaches me about what I am doing wrong with regards to framing and lighting. And a quick canter through 1000 doesn’t actually take that long.

If you’re going to take the photos, you should definitely look at them, and doing the editing etc means I do actually look at them!

The real fun happens when you have some terrible photos and then you play around with digital effects to try and get something good to look at.


Me and Mitts (Mittens didn’t suit him), the cat I was sitting that I helped lose 7 lbs, because my gosh look at him.


We have a neighbourhood cat (our next door neighbour) named “Ogopogo” who is a bit bigger than Mitts.

We refer to him, lovingly, as a furry watermelon.


Have you had him over yet to play Okanagan: Valley of the Lakes?


Oh my! I just received some lovely shirts with wonderful boardgamey designs by my IRL friend Tania Walker (who does the art for Jellybean Games, primarily) . I love them.




What talented friends you have!


Those shirts are incredible.

Hey, you aren’t bad, either! Don’t get me wrong! But those t-shirts…wow.

I like your glasses, too (I comment on people’s glasses occasionally, I come from a long line of opticians).

EDIT: OK, I just need to say this right here and now before I forget. I want to pay money for those t-shirts. I think I found Tania online, but I can’t be 100% sure. PM me. I know you kids live on the opposite side of the world from me (you’re still in Melbourne? Is Tania the same Tania I found online in Tasmania? (try saying that five times fast)), I’m willing to pay for the shipping.


So, the shirts were initially funded through Kickstarter by Jellybean Games. I spoke with Tania this morning and she said there were plans to sell the remaining stock at their website: http://www.jellybean-games.com/shirts/ – which needs to be updated – and at cons probably. Still waiting for fullfillment to complete then we may know more.

She said there has been a lot of interest now her art is out in the wild so maybeee there could be another print run (but again unsure and don’t quote me!)

I’m sorry for posting things which aren’t readily available, but I will get back to you when I have an update on them. In the meantime you could probably watch the JB Games website and their twitter?


Also thanks about the glasses; I only just got them a few weeks ago with my new prescription. They were precisely what I was looking for after a few years of chunkier acetate frames in various styles. They did end up being more expensive than I had planned, due to the brand, but I’d prefer to pay for something I really click with, than less for frames I think are just okay.


The website says May 9th :frowning:
But that’s OK, my birthday is ten days later, so I may have to get myself a present! :slight_smile:

And, yes, I have bookmarked JellyBean-games.com. Because, how could I possibly not?

And, also, an additional “yes:” glasses can be expensive, but they’re totally worth it when you get something that’s just right. I would go on about your prescription (which seems pretty light, I’m guessing hyperopic, or a mild astigmatism, but it’s really hard to tell from the selfie), but this is not the place. You obviously have fairly good vision asdfghjlqwertyuiop just, please, someone stop me from going off about optics…


I have received some additional info from JB games regarding their remaining shirt stock. If anyone is really keen to get some send me a PM and I’ll let you know the details.


(Nerds! Geeks! GAMERS! Mens, womens, and others! They are cool! I am very keen, and I’ve both poneyed up and PMed Hammond.
Also, @Hammond you should put it on Shameless Self Promotion, even though it isn’t yourself you are shamelessly self promoting.)

OK, let’s get over this, and back to seeing your pretty, handsome, nerdly faces, everyone!


Resurrecting this thread to demonstrate how I’m dealing with the UK’s current run of terrible weather.