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Selfie Thread!


You’re totally rocking these lemons, man! I want this shirt too! :lemon:


You guys don’t have Primark in the US, right? It was very cheap (something like £7).


We have Primark, $4-13.

I personally get all my clothes either from thrift shops for pocket change, or bespoke for gads of moneys. I have no middle range.


Oh, we don’t have it in Canada. But I bought my favourite pair of Christmas socks in Primark somewhere in Spain!


Accidentally took this selfie at work trying to read my own backwards writing ha


My selfie for all my friends at SU&SD. I recorded this in April, but was embarrassed to actually upload it.

Things happened that made me realize I needed to put this out there because SU&SD is a big part of my life.

My oldest son was the one behind the camera when I wasn’t holding it myself, we thought it was fun to have “the crew” switch back-and-forth with the camera in a one-take selfie where you never see the “crew” behind the lens (it was mostly me holding the camera, but my kid traded off with me in the middle, and then we traded back. He was my “key grip.”).

Sorry for the wind noise, me being out of breath, and the “Dutch angles.”

Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)

I’m very glad you didn’t let this just languish on your hard drive. Thank you! :heart_eyes:


Thanks for a walk! And I agree, this place is full of amazing dorks :sparkling_heart:


Changed my hair so I thought I’d share!

Figured I should go into my senior year with a fresh feel.


Do I detect a whiff of passionflowers? :heart_eyes:


This is me, way too excited to have my Very First Ever christmas sweater… It has dinosaurs on it wearing chrsitmas hats! :smiley:



I hate to mention it . . . but it’s not reaaaaaaly Xmas time?

Although next weekend we have a celebration for Xmas in July in August in September, so why not?


Nope, but thats what Work parties are all about :wink:


Man, don’t kill the spirit of Christmas!


I need this.


I will point out that I’m in Australia, so its the only timeI get to wear “terrible” christmas themed knitwear :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazon has it >_>


The real question is…

Can they know it’s Christmas time at all :musical_note:


Did you get that somewhere in Adelaide or elsewhere within the country? I can never find good jumpers when I want them!


I had to get it form Amazon :frowning: if I could have found something local (in Adelaide) I would have.


All people I have been told I look like. Before I grew the beard. And perhaps when I was younger…22149_476823450470_2034321_n


And the real me… (I’m the one on the right in case you’re confused…)