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Selfie Thread!


It was suggested we start one for those who are interested in knowing what the people on here look like, as well as for those who don’t mind posting their pictures. I think it’s a good idea. That being said, there is a caveat.

If you are uncomfortable posting your picture online, please do not feel any pressure to do so! I think I speak for all of us when I say that we won’t be upset or disappointed if any of your don’t want to.

Now on with the selfies! I’ll go first.

Greetings from Canadialand! My search for Paul has yet to yield any fruit.

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Introduction Thread!
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I have 2 free tickets to SHUX

Behold, the very prototype of Board Game Nerd!

Fat balding bearded bespectacled middle-aged white dude? Check check check check check check and check!

If I’d been wearing one of my Star Wars shirts that day rather than declaring my allegiance to the greatest of all WWE mid-card heels I might actually have been arrested by the Stereotype Police.


My selfie on Disqus:


Less ‘selfie’, more ‘picture of me taken by a photogragher’ but there are surprisingly few pictures of me I can actually find and I don’t have a smartphone.

Much more likely to be wearing a batman t-shirt than a suit most of the time.


However, you are rocking that suit good sir.


I really don’t do selfies as a rule, but hey why not, I’ll even resist the temptation to run it through Interstelar Selfie Station.


As everyone knows, a proper selfie needs to be taken in a bathroom / bathroom mirror. This one I snapped at work earlier today.

Oh god, why is it so large. How do I resize it? Help! Help! I need a moderator…!

Edit: Woo! Managed to fix the proportions with Clare’s help!


hey, I have a face too! Well, sorta.





I don’t do selfies as a rule. They undermine my carefully crafted aura of mystery tinged with aloof disdain. But here I am as a South Park character (graying hair, cowlick, glasses, green shirt and all):
photo a33bc93a-e314-4701-83a8-7e8c115d3e97_zpsy6ix2udj.jpg


This is me when I’m hiding:

This is me when I’m twerking:

And this is me when I’m trying to decide if I like my new glasses or not:

(In the end I decided I did)

I also want to show off the full version of my forum avatar, which is an awesome picture of me done by a beloved friend. It probably shows me in my day to day state better than any of the above:

Apparently I’m vain enough to stick four pictures up. Sorry.


Absolutely nothing to be sorry about! You look marvelous!


My sister and I garbing up for our first play of Ladies and Gentlemen with friends…




I’m normally an intensely private and self loathing individual, so the fewer pictures that exist the better.

… but here’s one I drew earlier.


Here I am under the harsh glare of the fluorescent lights in my office, trying to smile appropriately (while sitting alone in a room) without looking like a maniac:

And here I am playing games with the assistance of my chief strategist:


I just assumed they were in Australia.


Me and my good friend Mr Flibble.

(I’m the one on the left, looking terrified)


I’m the cat.


And this is me when I’m trying to decide if I like my new glasses or not:

I like your glasses, but I love your hair.