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Seasons of INIS w/ 5 players

Anyone have strong opinions either way about the Seasons of INIS expansion and how it plays with the new max player count of 5?

I love INIS but it doesn’t always get to the table due to the base game’s cap of 4 players.

I’m going to play it tomorrow night. Have only played Inis once at 4. I really enjoyed it but it did drag at the end. We’re planning to use the other module which will give a winner quicker (We need a king?)

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Yeah, the “We Need a King” mechanic seems like a necessary fix for the game in general that I think I’ll probably always play with from here on out. Have fun!

Only played it once with 5 players and it worked just as well as the base game. We used everything except the actual seasons module.

A bit longer than usual, but it didn’t drag at all.


Thanks! That’s what I was hoping!

5th player green cards are alright. Just need a little bit of learning, and it does change the meta enough that it was a bit uncomfortable relearning things as a veteran - just like any game changing expansions, really.

We always leave out the Seasons module


We played last night with; 5th player, harbours and We Need a King.

1 hr 45mins, but with 3 new players and I had only played it once. It seemed the same game as my single 4 player play. WNAK didn’t come up, but it felt a bit tenser towards the end of the game with the spectre of it hanging over us. All 5 players felt they had a chance of the win in the final round before my wife (obviously) won! I wouldn’t be keen to play without WNAK again.


Thanks for the input!

I decided to take the plunge and get the expansion today. And yeah, everything I’ve read says that the seasons don’t improve the game and just make it more finicky.

Yeah, WNAK sounds like a must-have, especially with the higher player count. Less than 2 hours isn’t bad at all for that many new players. Thanks for the feedback! I love this game even though I’ve only played twice, but I’m really happy to hear that the higher player count seems to work well.

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The strongest case I see where WNAK is required is with new players. New players play the game slow because they haven’t understood the game yet, and don’t understand that you need to consolidate your position first before winning.

The first mistake any new Inis player do is to beeline to victory, get beaten easily, repeat step 1 & 2 until one player manage to squeeze a victory, and then proceed to complain that this game is like Munchkin.

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Agreed. I’ve also had the issue a few times where two players turtle on two strong locations, freezing the entire board state. New players seem to like making one location REALLY strong so they can hog the win conditions, but that only slows the game down by a protracted draw. Excited to play with WNAK!

Seasons arrived this morning! Am I right in thinking it’s extremely difficult to get Harbours out on the board? As far as I can see there’s 4 territories (out of 19) with harbour auto-included, and 1 epic tale card (out of that entire stack) that lets you place one where you like.

We had loads in our game, although that may have been luck of the draw.

I believe the capital starts with a harbour IIRC

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Yes it does, forgot to mention that bit.