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Satisfying Puzzles and Exit Games (light Spoiler Talk)

Hello friends - I wanted to chat for a moment about the Exit game series.
On Halloween my wife and I played The Catacombs of Horror which was extremely fun, obtuse, frustrating, satisfying, and spooooooky. For anyone who has played that one, the puzzle involving the tea light was definitely a stand out but I have to give credit to one of my favourites: The strings in the box. Essentially you followed instructions given and the string formed the number that you needed see the photo. It was such an interesting puzzle and was so cool to watch unfold.

Wondering what your favourite puzzles in games have been? Exit or otherwise? :slight_smile:


I’ve had Exit: The Abandoned Cabin sitting on my shelf because the person who was going to play them with me is no longer available. But because of this topic, I picked up Exit: The Sinister Mansion in Miniature Market’s Black Friday sale.

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The Abandoned Cabin and the Sinister Mansion are the 2 of this series I’ve played, and thoroughly enjoyed them both.
I love the inventive use of all the components more than anything else. Needing to consider that everything you get inside and outside the box could be open to use in some way is fantastic and often leads to some kick yourself moments when you finally see something you overlooked reveal everything you need.
The final puzzle in the Sinister Mansion has been my favourite so far I think, not for complexity, it’s fairly intuitive, but it’s just a perfect example of the design mentality in making these games that make them really stand out.
As much as every hint card revealed is a grudging admission to the game that it has you temporarily beaten (HATE having to resort to them), they are usually quite helpful in getting you back on track. There’s not often too many cases of the first hint card just pointing out something obvious that you’re likely to have already figured out, forcing 2 hints whenever you’re stuck, as I’ve seen in other games.

It’s such a fun and beautifully designed series and I’m pretty sure I’ll work through the lot eventually. My brother and sister are getting one each as stocking fillers too.

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