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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


light to mid. nothing too heavy for me.


OK. Well you should bring summoner wars, too. I’ve never played it.


Ack. Work stuff came up and I’m not going to be able to make it. I hope you get this before you leave!


no worries!!! i work in embarcadero 1 so even 20mins would be okay :grin:


Games on Tuesday 5/19? I picked up London Dread at the Kublacon math trade and want to play it again!


I have dinner plans, but could play until about 6:30. It would depend on what time people could meet.


I’m not free the 19th but i can meet up this tuesday. the 12th. :slightly_smiling_face:


As it turns out I was busy on the 12th, but that got moved to… the 19th, haha. So yeah, let’s meet up on the 12th! Does that work for you, @cottonbrown?


Yeah I think so


I can play until about 6:30 on Tuesday


Does meeting at 5 (Tuesday 6/12) work for everyone? I think that should be enough time to teach and play London Dread.


5 works for me. Might be cutting it close with London Dread since bgg says 60-90 min plus time to learn how to play


Ahh, I could meet earlier if everyone else can. The other thing is that it’s fully cooperative, so if you need to bail near the end, that should also be okay.


I can meet any time.


I heard from Jason and Nicole; let’s just stick with meeting at 5 tomorrow. :slight_smile:


5 works for me. I can get there earlier if anyone wants to play a quick game of something before, too.


We played London Dread, Cat Lady and Smash Up.

Who’s up for games in a couple of weeks? :smiley:


yes. i need more games.


Does Tuesday (6/26) work for everyone?


I can do that.