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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


I just noticed that this morning! :laughing:


What do you want to play on Tuesday? I can bring Aquasphere, Alchemists, Cyclades, City of Remnants. I’d also be up for playing Gaia Project again. :smiley:


I’d play Aquasphere or Cyclades, but I REALLY want to get Gaia Project to the table again. I think timewise it would only work if we had 3 people, though. 4 would be pushing it unless we played somewhere besides the Ferry Building.


i have blades this tues :cry: I’m free weds though if you wanna do some back to back gamin.


It will be you, me and @kruton I think? What time should we meet?


I’d be happy to move to Wednesday so that Nicole can come. Does that work for you guys?


I’m not sure if I can do Wednesday or not. I was going to try to do both if I end up having it free. I probably won’t know until tomorrow.


So what time are we meeting tonight? :grin:


I can do any time after 4.

Also, it turns out I don’t have plans tomorrow, so I can play more games with @nikotte!


I’m not feeling very well and I’m gonna back out for today. See you guys next time!


Anyone want to play on Tuesday or Wednesday?


I’ve been pretty busy lately so sorry for being absent, all. But I would be able to play Wednesday night!


I also have this coming Saturday and Sunday off, which will never happen again. If anyone wants to play something, especially something longer (like Gaia Project), I’d love to put a group together.


I never heard any confirmation here, so I actually don’t have any games with me. I’m going to assume people aren’t playing tonight.

Regarding Sat/Sun, I’m actually going to be out of town :frowning:


Yeah sorry, I didn’t hear from anyone else and am stuck at work. So tonight is not happening.

Anyone for the weekend?


No worries. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t end up wandering aimlessly around the ferry building.


I can do Sunday night (^-^; )
Sorry I’ve been silent for so long! Let’s play some games!


What time are you available tomorrow?


I’m free after 6pm. but i don’t have any games with me. i have a copy of summoner wars sitting in my cubby at work so i could always bring that. :upside_down_face:


I can bring some games. Are you in the mood for lighter or heavier stuff?