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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


Actually it’s going to be more like 6


What games are you playing? Teeeeeeell me! I am sick and working. Whine, whine, whine.


Sick /and/ working? That’s not right.

I’m bringing Hardback and Inis


We ended up playing Lanterns, Inis, and Mystic Vale (w/a couple expansions).


Anyone want to play on Tuesday?


I would like to as long as I don’t have too much work to do! I can bring Aquasphere and Suburbia if I do go. :slight_smile:


Too much work, won’t be able to make it today, sorry. :frowning:


@cottonbrown we have game night at my work tonight (not too far from the ferry building), not sure what we’ll play yet, probably nothing too heavy… you’re welcome to join if you’d like, just let me know


I’m actually not feeling great. I’m going to stay in tonight, but thanks Mattheiu.


I’ll be in the bay area around mid-September. Anyone interested in meeting up?


Yes! We can play all the games again! :smiley:


yeah!! :horse:


@MikeimusPrime If you’re available on Thursday, Sonia’s going to be hosting her meet up. I’m going to try to be there as it’s her birthday!


i might try to make it too :hugs: I’ll be in the neighborhood just have to get stuff done in time :yum:

also i feel like i haven’t been to the ferry building in forever.


Anyone want to play on Tuesday?


Ooh, would like to but it’s a busy week and I’m out of town next week. How about Tuesday 3/17? :smiley:


That should be good. I’m down to do both Tuesdays if there are people to play with. I’ve had a crazy past month of moving/sickness and need to make up for it.


Ugh, both of those things suck. :frowning:


I’m also super busy this week. I’m down to time travel to March 17th and play games!


@Tika and @Kruton you are both front and center on the thumbnail from the SHUX Q&A video they posted last night on the Youtube channel!