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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


I could do Saturday day or Sunday!


I think we still need a 3rd person tomorrow. Anyone going to make it? Otherwise me and @nikotte can figure out some good 2 player stuff.


I can be there, as usual for 1 hour or so if you want to do some quick games.


I’ll be there barring a work emergency. :stuck_out_tongue:

What time are we meeting? 5:30?


I’m available Sunday until around 5. I can host, or I can go to your place if you prefer. I’ll check if Fred is free.


I can make it tomorrow. I’ll come after work.


I can pretty much be there whenever. If anyone wants to come before 5:30 and get a few quick ones in, I can do that.


I think Sunday should work for me, too.


I’m super jealous of all of you that can plan on weekends.

Is any/everyone up to learn Caverna tomorrow? I recently slightly customized mine and want to take it out for a walk. If it’s too heavy, I’m down to play anything, really.


Caverna is not too heavy, but too “sandboxy” for me, I think.


It is definitely sandboxy. No Caverna, then.


Sorry, not going to make it tonight… more things coming up at work while a bunch of people are already on vacation…
Cheers and have fun!


I’m leaving for holiday travel on Sunday, but I could make a Saturday session.


Happy new year!

Anyone up for games this coming Tuesday or Wednesday? :grinning:


I’m going to be down that way on Tuesday.


I’m free wednesday :sweat_smile:


I have the regular boardgame night at my work on Tuesday. If any of you is interested, let me know, it’s not too far from the ferry building (Howard and Fremont), you are welcome to join.

We are likely going to play Cosmic Encounter this time and some other games (the ones we play regularly are Sheriff of Notthingham, Captain Sonar, Chinatown, Deception, Dead of Winter,… and of course any new game is welcome as well).

We typically start around 5 ~ 5:30pm, order pizzas and play until around 9pm depending on how many people are there and how many games we play.


ooo it’s tempting to join. i can’t this tuesday but am free the tuesday after :grin:


I’m busy this week, but probably free next week. Have fun!


I could also do Wednesday, I’m pretty sure. I just got Gaia project if anyone wants to check that out.