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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


@michaeljohnrawley be there in 5 min


yay! let’s meet at the ferry building on wednesday (^_^). i’ll aim to be there at about 5:30


Have you played before? Would you be up for playing Dracula?


If you can make it, then we have 5 for Fury of Dracula on Wednesday (with me and @michaeljohnrawley). Let us know! Otherwise I think @Kruton can possibly make it?


I will definitely defer to others since I just had a chance to play this weekend. But if Wednesday comes around and you don’t have 5 confirmed, I’d be happy to fill in and play again.


Dracula was most furry.


:vampire: :wolf: :ship: :ocean:


Sea Dracula for the win. Can’t wait to play again. :slight_smile:


Fred is willing to play Dracula whenever we do another :wolf: :vampire: game!


if we play again, I’d like to be a hunter please
:coffin: :dagger:


Anyone up for games on Wednesday?


Recovering from a cold. :confused: Sonia’s game night is meeting on Thursday though.


i have plans already. maybe next week!!:hugs:


I’d be down.


I also have plans for this week - next week could work for me, though!


Wednesday would be really good for me. Anyone else interested?


i can do wednesday :slightly_smiling_face:


I can do Wednesday unless I need to work late. I’ll let you know.


Can’t do Wednesday but would love to do something next week if people are around/not doing holiday stuff!


Anyone in town this weekend and wants to play games?